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Elevate Your Senses By Dining In Complete Darkness

Blackout Dining in the Dark is a restaurant that serves a 7-course meal in complete darkness.

Blackout Dining in the Dark is a unique experience meant to heighten the other senses by removing the diners’ strongest sense; sight. This is the only restaurant in Vegas to offer dining in the dark. 

When you arrive at the restaurant, you ll be briefed on what to expect in the lobby. Then, you ll be led into the pitch-black dining room to your table. Servers wear night-vision goggles, so while you can t see, they will make sure everything goes smoothly.

You won t need a menu. The 7-course meal is a well-kept secret. It changes seasonally and is meant to surprise guests without any preconceived judgment. The hosts will ask you if you have any allergies before you are shown to your table. You can request to see the menu upon making a reservation or can choose to be completely surprised.

The entire dinner lasts for about an hour to an hour and a half. As time goes on they say that you will adjust to the darkness and become more comfortable. Your server will be ready to assist you at all times. 

Anything that produces light: cell phones, cameras, and watches are not allowed in the dining room. This ensures that nothing disrupts the experience. Free lockers are provided for all visitors in the lobby.   

Dining in the Dark costs $89.95 per person. This covers the cost of the meal, but alcoholic drinks will cost extra. 

Are you brave enough to give up your sight and blindly trust this culinary process? 

Blackout Dining in the Dark is open Thursday through Monday. Reservations can be made online. It s located at 3871 S Valley View Blvd Ste 8, Las Vegas, NV 89103, behind The Rio.

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