Tasty but not cheap

One food that is readily available in Las Vegas 24/7 is the hot dog. Many places sell them; some are good, some not so good, and a few are surprisingly expensive.

Now let's talk about Dirt Dog.

At Dirt Dog, you can get a ton of different hot dogs, including the Red Dog, covered in center-cut bacon, spicy red sauce, and chipotle aioli, and the Flaming Dog, covered in center-cut bacon, hot cheetos/takis Mmix, grilled corn, chipotle-lime mayo, cilantro, habanero sauce, and bacon bits.

 Dirt Dog uses great quality buns for its hot dogs, and the size is just enough to keep you from getting hungry in another two hours. You can also order the crispy fries and a fountain drink- but keep in mind that this place is not cheap- An average hot dog, plus a drink and fries, will easily set you back $15. If a hot dog doesn't appeal to you, you can also order corn dishes, veggie dogs, tacos, and desserts.

The place is notorious for blasting loud music in the background. Great if you're in the mood that, distracting if you are trying to get out of the Vegas sun and enjoy some quiet.

If you don't care about gourmet quality and are just looking for a good, cheap lunch, there are many other places where you can get a hot dog and a fountain drink for half the price and less noise.

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