Great pool to relax away from the Vegas Strip

Las Vegas has many lovely places where you can relax, but most are on the Strip or in the Downtown area. If you're looking for a great place to have fun by the pool but want to avoid the typical Vegas bustle, the DayDream pool at M Resort in Henderson is one place you should check out.

 First, the good things about Daydream: It has a reasonably large pool, but there is a limit on the number of people allowed because of social distancing measures. There is a $10 fee for locals and a $20 fee for non-locals to enter the resort. Once inside, there are no free places to sit; if you want to relax, then you need to rent a cabana or the deck chair. The cost of renting depends on the day you visit but expect to fork out over $700 -$1000 for the Cabanas and a several hundred dollars for the deck chairs. Food isn't cheap either; beers cost $8, and an average meal of fries and burgers will set you back another $20-$30. Wines start at around $45 and if you love alcohol, expect to spend several hundred dollars on drinks alone.

Over the weekend, the place is packed, and the music is loud.

This adults-only pool permits topless bathers and tanners. Unlike many other topless resorts in Vegas, this is one place where the staff ensures that the male to female ratio is even. The rules for people coming to DayDream are simple; no touching or groping strangers, no cussing, appropriate attire to enter, social distancing, and no photos. The younger crowd usually frequents this place, and it can get to be a bit rowdy, but overall most people like Daydream because the staff are friendly, there are beautiful people to look at, and there are no unnecessary hassles.

The resort is open daily from 11 am till 6 pm and is located about 15 minutes South of the Las Vegas strip.  Check out their website for special pool parties and other live poolside entertainment.

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