Crazy Rules at Las Vegas Pool Clubs

Crazy Rules at Las Vegas Pool Clubs
Heading to a Las Vegas Pool party? Here are some interesting rules
Crazy Rules at Las Vegas Pool Clubs

Sin City pool parties are wild spots of excess and abandon. But don’t get too comfortable. Surprisingly, even wild pool parties have crazy rules that no one would expect. Here are some interesting ones:

Dress code

Different pool clubs have various policies regarding the dress code allowed at the pool. One of the craziest examples is several clubs, such as Encore, Elia, and Ayu Beach Clubs, do not allow jeans on their premises. Encore restricts wearing any pants at the pool club.

Other clothing items prohibited in many pool clubs include robes, athletic fits, heavy jewelry, tank tops, etc. Some pools even ban wearing socks with sandals.

Selfie Stick Policy

It seems like a great idea to bring your selfie stick to the pool area for exciting photos. Please do not do this in a Las Vegas pool club, though. Most don’t allow it. Marquee Dayclub, Stadium swim, and Liquid Pool Lounge are examples of venues you will have to enjoy without a selfie stick.

Eye Drops

It is impossible to imagine that items such as eye drops or nasal sprays are on the prohibited list in many pool clubs, but they are. Security may deny you entry if you have any of these two items in your possession, and it’s best to leave them behind. Other related items are hair sprays, cleaning solutions for contact lenses, aerosol tanning sprays, etc.


You may have to part ways with any medication you have at the security point of most pool clubs. Many clubs classify all drugs together, and under the zero-tolerance policy for this, even legal medicines are prohibited.

The rule applies to both over-the-counter drugs and prescription medication. Yes, not even an Advil. A few clubs allow guests to bring prescribed medication but no more than one dose of the medication. Some notable exceptions include medical kits such as diabetic kits and inhalers.

Wearable Technology

In some pool clubs, wearable technology falls under the prohibited category. Thus, remember to leave your smartwatch and other wearables behind when headed to a pool club. Some clubs are flexible on this, and it is best to consult the website before visiting to be clear on a respective club’s policy. For example, Stadium swim allows smartwatches.


Pool management in many clubs considers anything in liquid as contraband. The rule applies to everything, including water, makeup, some sunscreens, etc. In some cases, such as Stadium Swim, guests can enter with one bottle of water, which must be sealed.


Most pool clubs restrict guests from bringing along big bags. Only small bags and purses go through the security point. Expect to pay for locker storage and head out to the pool without luggage if you bring a bag. It costs anything between $20 and $75 a day.

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