Headed to Vegas December 2020? Read this

Las Vegas is open. BUT things look a little different this month. In response to COVID-19, the city has mandated statewide rules for locals and tourists. So, if you're coming to Vegas this month, here's what you need to know. 

Starting Nov 24, 2020, masks are required at all times, whether you're inside or outside.

If you want to dine out at a restaurant, you'll need reservations. Capacity is capped at 25%, and you can't have more than four people at your table. Hand sanitizer stations litter the room. The raucous Vegas party vibe is toned down, but people are still having a good time. If you're not eating or drinking, your mask must be on.

Besides restaurants, entertainment centers, casinos, theaters, pubs, bars, museums, art centers, spas, gyms, and clubs have the same rules. They are all operating at reduced occupancy, and once you get inside, masks and social distancing is the new norm.

You can still see a show but buy your tickets immediately because theaters are limited to 50 people in the audience. Expect shows to sell out fast.