Advanced innovations at Circa Resort

Circa is currently the talk of the town in Vegas with advanced innovations in the premises. The designs include state-of-the-art technology features unlike any others in the city. If you are a tech enthusiast, you will enjoy what the Circa has to offer all over the complex.

The Attractions

Vegas locals have already had a glimpse of some of the Circa Resort and Casino's attractive features. A 78-million pixel video wall is the center of attraction in the three-story sportsbook. There are huge screens all over the premises, including a giant screen at the Stadium swim, with a display of 143 square feet. There is also a tiered aqua theatre with six pools on the tiered levels. All these are features unique to the Circa, making it special compared to other venues in Vegas.

If you like sports, this will probably become your favorite outlet in Vegas, offering interesting features using the latest technology. The owner, Derek Stevens, mentioned that the Stadium Swim's performance had exceeded his expectations to his amazement.

Hotel Technology

You get an array of highly sophisticated features extending to the hotel rooms. You do not have to be a sports enthusiast to enjoy the innovations at Circa. A night spent in one of the rooms is all it will take to blow your mind with advanced and sophisticated technology. Each room has a tablet that controls different room aspects such as temperature, lighting, and privacy. You do not need to leave your bed to dim the lights, all you need is a tap on the tablet, and the prompt regulates the light or temperature settings for you.

Some of the hotel rooms have impressive technology that involves a Hi and Bye panel by the door. By clicking Hi, it activates the lighting in the room automatically. When you press bye, everything goes off automatically in all parts of the room.