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Check Out This Creepy Nevada Motel

Would you stay at the Clown Motel?

Do you have a fascination for creepy things and locations? You should consider visiting the Clown Motel in Tonopah, Nevada. As the name suggests, expect to see many clowns in the motel, with their eerie eyes staring at you, among other spooky things.

For perspective, the motel is in a lonely part of Tonopah, a mining town back in the day. The solitude of the property only adds to how creepy it is. Some may view this desolate state as tranquility; how about the fact that it sits next to an old cemetery? In general, Tonopah is a ghost town, and there are a few ghost stories about the area. For example, alleged cases of people witnessing apparitions from the cemetery.

The history of Tonopah is full of many unfortunate events. The small town lost 56 residents from a plague in the early 1900s. It was later discovered that this was a pneumonia outbreak. A few years later, a fire at a mine killed 17 people. Over the years, there were reported cases of more fire incidences in the mines. The last incident happened in 1942, and that led to the closure of the mine.

During this fire, a resident of the area, Clarence Belmont, perished, never to be seen again. His children, Leona and Leroy, set up a motel decades later next to the cemetery in what is now Clown Motel. They displayed Clarence’s vast clown collection hence the name. Over the years, there have been changes to the original motel after the initial owners sold the property to new owners. More clown figurines and memorabilia are on display now.

In the lobby area, a full-sized clown sits with its peculiar face staring at anyone who visits. There are other miniature clowns around, which give a feeling of “being looked at .”Some guests who have stayed at the hotel claim to have experienced weird happenings at night, such as doors closing on their own, bizarre laughter at night, or sounds from unoccupied rooms. The clown figurines all over the hotel do not make it any better, as you will find one looking right back at you anytime you look around.

The property issues a disclaimer informing guests that they should anticipate paranormal activity and creepy occurrences during their stay. If you are brave enough to stay, you will have a mysterious time at this unique place in Nevada.

Apart from accommodation, you can also engage in other activities such as shopping in the antique shops. The motel’s shop has clowns and clown merchandise on sale, and you can get a clown souvenir if you like, reminding you of the motel. Guests can also tour the neighboring cemetery, which has a historical significance for the town of Tonopah. Many former miners of the old mine were put to rest here.

If you’d like to face your fears at Clown Motel, book a room through their official website. Advance reservations are highly recommended during the Halloween season. The spooky destination is located at 521 North Main Street in Tonopah, Nevada 8049. Call 775-624-9098 for more information. Lobby hours are daily from 8:30 am to 11:00 pm.

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