Be Adventurous with Las Vegas UFO Tours

Explore the mysterious Area 51

Area 51 offers a unique UFO tour filled with thrill and mystery for you to explore. It is a different experience from anything else in Las Vegas, and any adventurous person should try it out. Experience the extraterrestrial and aliens sightseeing excursion that is mind-blowing and will make your tour memorable.

What to Anticipate

The tour allows you to experience a secret military facility, mysterious out-of-the-world sightings, breathtaking desert views from the Mojave desert, and lunch in a special Inn located along an “extraterrestrial highway.”

You only understand how special this experience is after you take the tour. Even if someone tried to describe the incredible UFO sightings, it is not the same as experiencing them in person. No one knows the true essence of the military base, and the mystery surrounding it brings about much speculation about the premises. Regardless, if you believe in life outside this world, this UFO tour might give you a glimpse of what a different world could potentially host. 

Logistics for the UFO tour

The tour is pleasantly planned to offer you fun and convenience. There is a provision for a hotel pick-up from specific hotels in Las Vegas. The transport options vary depending on the size of the group headed out for the tour. The most common options are a 4-by-4 SUV accommodating seven passengers or a mini coach accommodating up to 14 passengers.

Anyone can take part in the tour, but children below 18 years must be in the company of an adult. You can request special arrangements for wheelchair users with foldable wheelchairs, but you should request this well in advance. It is also important to note that some parts of the tour may be inaccessible for wheelchair users.

The activity starts early at around 7 am and ends at around 5 pm, which is the estimated drop-off time. It is advisable to confirm your booking a day before the tour to be sure about the trip’s details. Costs vary from time to time, and you can only be sure of the exact value at the time of booking. 

Tour Schedule

The tour starts early and includes passing by Janet Airlines, a terminal that technically does not exist at the Las Vegas Airport. The journey continues and passes through the famous Joshua Tree forest. Here you can discover some mysterious findings, such as alien petroglyphs in some sections of a dried lake.

A stopover at the A’Le’Inn for lunch is part of the experience, and here you can see extraterrestrial paraphernalia and much information about aliens. Next up is the Black Mailbox location with a mystery mailbox, believed to facilitate communication beyond this world. The next iconic stop is Area 51, where visitors come close to the perimeter of the secret military base that no one fully understands the happenings within the hidden premises.

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