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Bang Bar at the Cosmopolitan

Great Korean Fusion

There is no question that David Chang is a great chef. The man certainly knows how to cook. Now he’s come up with Bang Bar by Momofuku inside the Cosmopolitan s Block 16 Urban Food hall. If you’re visiting Las Vegas, you shouldn’t miss this one if you like great Korean/Asian food and want a quick, inexpensive bite to eat. 

The Bang Bar offers a small menu – you can order a wrap or a fold up- another version of shawarma but created with the bang bread, or have a rice bowl. You have the choice of having pork, teriyaki chicken, or a vegetable in your meal. All of these meals are around $11.

There are some side dishes like a bean salad, stewed chickpeas, or pickled shishito peppers for $4. The best beverage is the yuzu lemonade for $7.

The food is great, but the portions might seem a little small if you’re starving. Overall, Bang Bar is not a bad place for a quick meal, and the prices are comparable to other quick-eats restaurants on the Vegas Strip. 

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