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‘ATOMIC SALOON SHOW’ Adds More Sin, Skin, Dynamite…and a Dancing Chihuahau

Spiegelworld’s already-awesome Wild West romp receives an upgrade.

It’s often said that you shouldn’t mess with perfection. But the folks at Spiegelworld make their own rules. That’s why ATOMIC SALOON SHOW, the company’s third successful (and simultaneous) production on the Strip, just received some revisions. The uproarious comedy was chosen by this writer as “Best New Show” of 2019:

“Spiegelworld hits and scores once more with Atomic Saloon Show. A bawdy in-your-face Wild West romp with hookers, cowboys, a horny minister, and his pair of twisted nuns, Atomic Saloon Show tosses the high points of Absinthe and Opium into a blender and pours out a perfect cocktail.”

Despite its forward momentum, the Spiegelworld team is constantly adding to and refining elements of their existing residencies. They take the “no two shows are ever the same” factor to the max, with entirely new acts, concepts, and visuals ensuring that you’ll want to return to ABSINTHE, OPIUM, and their western opus over and over.

The backstory of ATOMIC SALOON SHOW is as wacky as it is convoluted. The saloon s original location in the Nevada desert was lost to nuclear testing decades ago. Proprietor Boozy Skunkton relocated her bar staff, working girls, entertainers, and customers to a new spot inside Venetian s Grand Canal Shoppes.

Apparently, all of the citizens of Skunton s former town decided to come along, including the muscleman Mayor, bar patrons, brothel customers, lots of cows, and a few flaming tumbleweeds. It would seem that everyone is caught in some kind of time warp, too. As luck would have it, each of the townsfolk has an amazing and sexually-charged talent. Even the nuns.

ATOMIC SALOON SHOW Nuns and Aerialist Brandon Grimm

Last month, a cast member informed me that the show’s director was in town, making tweaks and changes over the course of a few weeks. “Hopefully, people will enjoy the fresh take,” he said. Last night I had the opportunity to revisit Boozy’s Saloon/Brothel, and it is indeed as sassy and fun as ever.

While most of the characters are the same, several new performers have jumped into familiar roles. My favorite was Andrew Diesser, who alternates with delightful Colin Cahill as “Blue Jackson”, a potty-mouthed “rhinestone cowboy” who opens the show. Both Diessner and Cahill are part of ORIGINAL CHAOS, the rapidly-rising rock band I told you about here. Guitar in hand, the muscular vocalist leads the audience in a raunchy sing-along that would cause a prostitute to blush.

ATOMIC SALOON SHOW Rhinestone Cowboy Andrew Diessner


A number of new acts and characters have been added, like the Sheriff and his Deputy. They do a variation of the ever-popular hand-balancing routine…which is anything but ordinary. Another noteworthy addition is a hit act from America’s Got Talent Christian Stoinev and his chihuahuas Percy and Scooby. Stoinev portrays “The Mayor”, an oddly bare-chested elected official who wordlessly rules the dust-covered town that Atomic Saloon calls home. He and the Sheriff’s team are aided by a canine companion in keeping the peace.

Despite their outward confidence, there is plenty for the Mayor and his enforcers to contend with. Madame Boozy is at war with the devout Reverend Peabody, whose nuns are secretly undergoing a unique awakening, Brothel workers Jean-Louis and Sweet Cheeks keep trying to elope, and Boozy’s drunken cousins are always raising mayhem. There is plenty of dancing, acrobatics, singing, and comedy that culminates in the ultimate bar brawl. Beware those flying beer bottles…and popcorn?

ATOMIC SALOON SHOW bar brawl finale

ATOMIC SALOON SHOW is located on the second level of Venetian Grand Canal Shoppes, directly above the Palazzo waterfall. Showtimes are Friday through Tuesday at 7:30 pm and 9:30 pm. Tickets start at $149.99 (plus taxes/fees) and can be ordered here.

Photos: Sam Novak, Atomic Saloon Show Videos: Sam Novak

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