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Asian WoK: Affordable Chinese Food in Vegas

Cheap Chinese food in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is notorious for luxurious restaurants. You can easily spend $50 per person on lunch on the Strip. But if you want to save a bit of money, there are places for you too. One of them is Asian Wok.

If you want to escape the Strip, head over to Located at 6515 N. Buffalo Drive in Centennial Hills. This Asian restaurant is the favorite among tourists and locals. The drive is a breeze if you rent a car. So if you have a craving for Asian food that is affordable, the Asian Wok should be at the top of your list. The small restaurant isn’t fancy but not many places can beat the quality of food- it’s outstanding. Fresh and hot every time

They have a lunch special for $5 every day and for most adults, it’s filling. The spiciness of the food can be increased or decreased as you like. The service is prompt and long waits are rare. They also have a take out service if you prefer to eat in your hotel.

For a $5 lunch that tastes great, you can’t find anything better.

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