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Arcade-Style Slot Machine Hits Las Vegas Casinos

The Go-Go Claw slot machines are grabbing a lot of attention in Vegas
Arcade-Style Slot Machine Hits Las Vegas Casinos

There’s a lot of excitement in Las Vegas after the new Go-Go Claw slot machine debuted in the city. It resembles something you would find in an arcade. You know the game; you wield the “claw” to clamp onto prizes like a new video game or sunglasses.

This slot machine is so popular that people like to stand behind it and watch the action whenever someone’s playing.

Rewards in Cash

Here’s the cool part of the game. The claw actually picks up a little ball when you win!

Here’s how it works. You make a wager, and your potential prize appears on the screen. It could be $10; it could be $5,000. After the amount appears, you operate the crane to try to pick up a ball out of a pile. If you keep the ball in the claw, you win. If you don’t, you lose.

At least, that’s what it looks like. Actually, your chances are random, and the machine decides if you’re going to win or not before your hand touches the joystick. The entire spectacle is just that- entertainment.

Currently, there are six machines available at the Circa Resort, MGM Grand, San Manuel Casino, Aquarius, and at the D Las Vegas. The D has two machines, one downstairs and another on the upper floor.

To play at the Circa, you need a minimum of $20 to give the game a try. At the D Las Vegas, there is a minimal fee of $5 to play. Like many other casino games, the game has a jackpot, the highest being at the Circa resort.

The unique slot machine is popular, and it’s now routine to find people waiting in line to get a chance to play.

No Gambling Skills Required

The game does not compare to any other casino game and is unique in its way. Skill doesn’t contribute to a win; you need luck.

Currently, the game is still in a trial phase, with the official launch set to be sometime in October this year. The Global Gaming Expo is coming back to the city, and it is at this time, the official launch will happen.

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