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‘ALL MOTOWN’ Celebrates Milestone at Alexis Park

All-female hit parade is the latest to toast first full year at off-Strip resort.

The entertainment business has always been a gamble. Factors like political chaos, a raging virus, and turbulent economics have amplified the risks even more. But one off-Strip showroom has had an eye-opening string of successes, with no less than three productions reaching the one-year mark in recent weeks. The location is Alexis Park Resort, and the latest to achieve that landmark is ALL MOTOWN.

Hit-heavy ALL MOTOWN is a loving tribute to the women and songs of a beloved era. The cast consists of Tonja Foster-Jones, Gwendolyn Forsythe , Tai Lewis, Le’Ana Carter, and Patrice Petway Compton, with able assistance from JR Phelps and Erica Bowers. They’re known collectively as The Duchesses of Motown, and share years of experience on Las Vegas stages. 

A vibrant showcase of powerful voices, timeless classics, scintillating costumes, and glorious choreography, ALL MOTOWN is a nonstop cavalcade of favorites. The cast delivers pitch-perfect performances night after night, with audiences raving about their experience to friends and family members. Strong word-of-mouth has allowed the once-fledgling production to broaden its reach, luring visitors and locals to the intimate Pegasus Showroom.

Fans of vintage-Vegas stylings are sure to be thrilled by Pegasus Showroom. The multi-level performance space offers traditional row seating, tables for couples and small groups, and even retro-cool semi-circular booths. No less than five productions share the room at any given time, ranging from family-friendly afternoon fun to after-dark burlesque and taboo magic.

The man behind Alexis Park‘s entertainment success is Executive Producer Pete Housley. The CEO of Admit.VIP Productions oversees all of its show operations, assisted by a small but dedicated crew of fiercely ambitious individuals. They include Kris Salcedo, Cory Higgs, and Denise Kraft.

Audiences can look forward to technical and aesthetic improvements in the coming weeks and months, along with possible expansion plans. That undoubtedly will lead to even more choices, packed with talent-heavy options at wallet-friendly prices. The entire banner of Admit.VIP shows, which includes The BIG little Variety Show and new acquisition ALL SHOOK UP, is featured here.

Pete Housley (standing), Admit.VIP ‘s team and ALL MOTOWN cast celebrate at CLEAVER RESTAURANT

To recognize the one-year anniversary of ALL MOTOWN, Housley and his team hosted a cast party this week at CLEAVER RESTAURANT. It’s the latest in a series of celebrations that include first-year achievements by fellow productions. The first was LATE NIGHT MAGIC, which has been the recipient of many awards and accolades. You can check out my review for LATE NIGHT MAGIC by visiting here.


BurlesQ celebrated its first twelve months at Alexis Park with a performance on December 19th. A surprise success, the adults-only “classic Vegas showgirl show” was my choice for “Most Improved Production of 2021”. You can read about its cast, background, and noteworthy achievements here.


Post-pandemic Vegas audiences have become increasingly fickle. Expensive headliners and productions like Bellagio’s O and The Beatles LOVE are suffering a world of hurt. That has led companies to attempt increasingly edgy fare like Cirque du Soleil’s R.U.N, an unmitigated disaster. Upcoming titles like Criss Angel‘s AMYSTIKA and Cirque’s latest MAD APPLE are about to learn similarly painful lessons.

As I’ve said since COVID-19 began two years ago, the smart money for live entertainment will be on traditional, intimate affairs with low overhead and attractive prices. So do yourself a favor, grab an Uber or Lyft and have a fabulous evening at Alexis Park Resort. You and your friends deserve it.

ALL MOTOWN performs Thursday through Monday at 6 pm. The show is suitable for all ages. Prices start at $52.95 (plus taxes/fees) ALEXIS PARK RESORT is located at 375 East Harmon Avenue across from Virgin Hotels Las Vegas. View their entire entertainment roster and reserve tickets by visiting here.

The cast of ALL MOTOWN entertains guests at the opening of BARBIE: A CULTURAL ICON EXHIBITION

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