Where to Watch Las Vegas Sports on TV

Find out exactly where to watch Las Vegas sports!

#4 The Las Vegas Aces

Las Vegas Aces,
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While the Las Vegas Ace’s regular season is slowly ending, that doesn’t mean there isn’t more to watch. In fact, this could be their shot at a championship. So why not watch it all play out live?

Aces fans can watch all the action with the WNBA league pass. They are having an end-of-the-season special, where the price has dropped from $25 to $15. There is also an option to stream any one game for $2.99, giving you complete control of your experience.

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#3 Kyle and Kurt Busch in the NASCAR Playoffs

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Las Vegas natives Kyle and Kurt Busch are locked into the NASCAR playoffs, but where can fans watch the action? Although most of the races will air on NBC, there are some weeks when the sport switches to the USA Network. 

If you want to catch every race, Sling TV offers a free trial deal. That trial only lasts a few weeks but can act as a way to watch some of the races on the USA Network. Once the free trial expires, fans will have to pay 35.00 dollars a month to keep up with the action. 

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#2 The Las Vegas Golden Knights

Las Vegas Golden Knights,
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The Las Vegas Golden Knights are heading into a pivotal rebuilding year, and there might be some memorable moments. Fortunately, there are several ways to stream the Las Vegas Golden Knights season, no matter your cable provider.

The first deal is with DirecTV, which offers its streaming services for 89.99 a month. You can get a complimentary 20% off your first two months and three months of HBO Max. It’s a little pricy, but you can watch all the games on the schedule. There are also a plethora of other channels to enjoy as well.

You can stream the games using ESPN + if you want something less expensive. This platform is $6.99 a month and is probably one of the best deals you will find. This one is only for those out of the market, so read the terms and conditions before signing up for the deal.

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#1 Las Vegas Raiders

Las Vegas Raiders,
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Want to know where you can watch the Las Vegas Raiders for a great price? CBS all access has you covered and only costs $6.99. There is a deal for those that don’t want to be interrupted by commercials that sit at $11.99, but it’s up to you. Either way, you can watch Derek Carr and the Las Vegas Raiders march to the playoffs.

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There is also an NFL league pass, which offers a limited-time discount on their NFL + plan. The deal currently sits at 4.99 a month or 29.99 for a year. You need to check out these offers if you are a cord cutter and want to watch your Raiders at a discounted rate. There is no better and more affordable way to manage your team!

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