Ranking Las Vegas Athletes by Merchandise sales

As Las Vegas morphs into a sports town, these athletes are generating huge merchandise sales. Let’s rank them.

#4 Kyle Busch 3rd and Kurt Busch- 15th best merchandise sellers in NASCAR 

Source. YouTube

Don’t count the Busch boys out! The Las Vegas natives secured the 3rd and 15th spots among the top merchandise sellers in NASCAR. Unfortunately, that number is from an outdated 2018 poll, but our research could not find a more updated list. Keep in mind that there are 37 cars in the field, and being among the top 20 is a pretty big honor.

#3 Marc-Andre Fleury- 6th highest selling jersey in The NHL

Las Vegas Golden Knights,
Source. YouTube

Probably the most bizarre entry on this entire list. According to NHL.com, Marc-Andre Fleury’s Las Vegas Golden Knights jersey is still the 6th best in sales. This comes after he was traded to the Chicago Blackhawks during last year’s offseason. He would later be traded to the Minnesota Wild.

Right now, rumors are circulating that he could come back to Las Vegas. The increase in merchandise sales either has to do with Las Vegas sports fans’ desire to relive the past or their hope that the rumors are true and he’s returning to the team. 

#2 Davante Adams-  #6th highest selling jersey in The NFL 

Las Vegas Raiders,
Source. YouTube.

Davantae Adams was traded to the Las Vegas Raiders and is now making a splash in jersey sales. In fact, Adams has the 6th best-selling jersey in the NFL. 

The top-selling jersey was Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow, who is becoming an icon of sorts. Maybe not Tom Brady’s level yet, but he is moving up. Josh Allen, Russell Wilson, Mac Jones, and Ja’Marr Chase round out the top five. 

An interesting thing to note is that Adams is one of only two players on this list who aren’t quarterbacks. The other was Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Cooper Kupp, who recently won Super Bowl MVP Honors.

#1 A’ja Wilson- #3rd highest selling jersey in The WNBA.

Las Vegas Aces,
Source. YouTube.

The Las Vegas Aces knew from the second they drafted her that A’ja Wilson would be the franchise’s future. Fast Forward to 2022, and she has more than proved that with a WNBA Finals appearance, MVP honors, and having the third highest-selling jersey in the league. 

While she comes up short against Sabrina Ionescu and Sue Bird, it is still an outstanding achievement. It also signifies that she is a top sports figure in Las Vegas. Her fans love her and have propelled her to the top of the rankings.

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