Last Week in Las Vegas Sports (July 3 – 9)

Let’s talk about everything that happened last week in Las Vegas sports (July 3 – 9)!

#4 Bruce Cassidy reveals high hopes for the Las Vegas Golden Knights

Bruce Cassidy
Source. Youtube

The Las Vegas Golden Knights are coming off their worst season in team history and are looking to rebound. They took the first step in that process by hiring Bruce Cassidy as head coach, but it’s evident that other changes are on the way. During an interview with Golden Knight rinkside reporter Ashali Vise, Cassidy claimed he still sees Las Vegas as a playoff-caliber team. Maybe even one capable of winning a championship.

“I think the team has a great opportunity to win a Stanley Cup,” Cassidy told Golden Knights rinkside reporter Ashali Vise last week. “I want my name on the Stanley Cup more than anything in hockey. And I think this team has been very close, which excites me. There are guys in the room who have taken those steps; they have done it and won in other organizations, so that’s a big key in your locker room. So that’s what excites me, and I can’t wait to get going.”

#3 Derek Carr admits he’s excited to have Josh McDaniels as Head Coach

Derek Carr,
Source. YouTube

Josh McDaniels is the new head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders, and quarterback Derek Carr seems happy to work with him. Carr even claims his new coach is a genius, which could lead to a promising season. 

“The depth of the conversations we’re having is encouraging,” Carr told NBC Sports Boston. “It’s fun for me. The best part of my game has always been the mental side. And that’s how Josh is. He’s a genius in scheming things up, teaching his system, and getting the best out of his players.”

#2 Rumors swirl around lackluster Money in the Bank

WWE Las Vegas,

Source. YouTubeIt’s no secret that last month’s Money In The Bank show was a mixed bag. It all started when WWE realized that they weren’t going to be able to sell out Allegiant Stadium. This led to them moving the event to the T-Mobile Arena, which was jarring after seeing the commercials at Allegiant Stadium.

Things only got worse when Rhodes tore a pectoral muscle before his match at Hell in a Cell and withdrew from Money in the Bank. There are rumors that the original plans called for Rhodes to win the Money in the Bank briefcase, but there are also rumors claiming the opposite. 

According to Ringside News, “Cody Rhodes winning the Money in the Bank briefcase was never the plan, and there were no talks of even making a move. Theory ultimately ended up winning the men’s Money in the Bank briefcase as a last-minute entry, but was that the plan? Fans may never know…”

#1 Las Vegas Raiders running back coming up in trade talks with The Saints?

Las Vegas Raiders,
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The Las Vegas Raiders have made several exciting moves, and they all seem to point to a change in the running game. Las Vegas declined Joshua Jacobs’s third-year option and selected two running backs in the draft. There are also trade talks centering around Kenyan Drake, who isn’t pulling his weight with the organization.

“Ziegler already restructured Drake’s contract to make 2023 a void year,” Ian Wharton of Bleacher report claims, “so the deal’s total value won’t be realized.” Trading Drake would save $2.75 million and New Orleans stands out as an excellent landing spot. The Saints could use a versatile pass-catching back with explosiveness. 

And that’s everything that happened last week in las vegas sports (July 3 – 9)!

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