5 Professional Sports Leagues That Might Come to Las Vegas

From the NFL to the MLB, here are the five professional sports leagues that might come to Las Vegas. Which one are you hoping for?

#5 A USFL team

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While the United States Spring Football league is not NFL-caliber, it’s still a growing niche in the sports community. In fact, the USFL just completed its inaugural season, and many people call it a success. Why not expand to more teams? It makes sense to come to Las Vegas eventually; we already have a dedicated football fanbase here.

#4 A pro-wrestling company

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Las Vegas is one of the biggest entertainment capitals in the world, and what better way to showcase that than to bring pro wrestling there permanently? While you might see that as crazy talk, a residency in Sin City could be lucrative.

Think about it! People come to Vegas for so many different reasons over a year; why not make watching pro wrestling one of them? 

#3 Another NFL team

Allegiant Stadium,
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Why not bring another NFL team to Las Vegas? Sure, it might be overkill, but why not? If Las Vegas got a second professional football team, it would be only the third city in the current NFL landscape to do so.

The other two cities are Los Angeles and New York, both major markets. However, Las Vegas is a prime travel destination, and tourists come in by busload! The city is also in the process of growing into one of the biggest sports cities in the country, making this idea even more attractive. The teams could even both use Allegiant Stadium for home games. 

Unfortunately for those interested in the idea, it’s probably just a fantasy. 

#2 An MLB team

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It’s no secret that the Oakland Athletics have been teasing a move to Las Vegas for almost a year now, but nothing concrete has come from the talks. A piece of land was supposedly purchased, and the Athletics were reportedly unhappy with the situation in Oakland. Despite all that, though, the team still hasn’t moved.

With that being said, there’s a strong possibility that it may never happen. That doesn’t mean an expansion team couldn’t come to Vegas, though. Sin City has already gone through the process with the Athletics. Maybe we can convince another team to call the city home?

#1 An NBA team

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Rumors have been running rampant about an NBA team coming to Las Vegas for years.

Fortunately for sports fans, all signs say these rumors might be true. Why the league is delaying the announcement is unknown and will be interesting to watch play out. Sports fans can rest assured that an  NBA team will probably be coming in the next five years.

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