5 Places Where Your Kids Can Play Sports in Las Vegas

This city isn’t more than a sports haven for professionals – kids can play sports in Las Vegas too!

#1 Lil Kickers Program at the Las Vegas Sports Park

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Does your little one love to kick the soccer ball around the backyard? Maybe they have aspirations of joining the soccer team during the upcoming school year. Either way, you can’t go wrong by enrolling your kids at the Las Vegas Sports Park’s Lil Kicker’s summer program! The location even offers a skills institute!

Las Vegas Sports Park offers adult leagues, youth leagues, and many other amenities. This is the perfect place for your little ones to hone their soccer skills and play against a wide range of talent. You can also have some fun and see if it is something you want to pursue. Feel free to click here for more information

#2 Nothing but Net Youth Basketball at the Las Vegas Sports Park

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If basketball is more your kid’s thing, the Las Vegas Sports Park also offers a youth basketball league and summer camp to enjoy. This is great for young ones to stay in shape before the upcoming season and test their abilities against some of the best in the state.

If you want to give your kid a competitive edge or want them to have fun this summer, try Nothing but Net! At the very least, it will serve as memorable summer and a team-building moment. It’s no secret that sports teach hard lessons about life, and this is a great way to introduce that. Click here for more information.

#3 Water Wings Swim School 

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Does your kid like to swim? Do they have a love for the water that seems to stand above everything else? Why not send them to Water Wings swim school, where they can learn more about swim safety. They can also participate in group lessons, private lessons, swim meets, and other fun ways to cool off during this hot summer. 

#4 Team Vegas Basketball 

How about teaching your kid to take their game to the next level? Can they handle the pressure of playing against some of the best teams in Las Vegas? If yes, sign up for Team Vegas Basketball and prepare your kids for the experience of a lifetime. 

The location also offers a female league, several tournaments, and some of the best coaching you probably have in the state of Nevada. Whether you want the little one to have a memorable summer or condition them for an arduous sports season; this is the place to do that. Click here for more information.


#5 I9 Sports in Las Vegas

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Maybe your child doesn’t know what they want to do this summer? Maybe they have a lot of great ideas but aren’t sure which one would be the most fun. For those kids, there is I9 Sports in Las Vegas, which offers a variety of activities. This includes football, soccer, baseball, and so much more. Why not just have fun this summer? It doesn’t have to be competitive—just a fun experience. Click here for information.


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