5 Las Vegas Raiders Who May Be Off the Team in 2023

Change is in the air, Raider Nation. These five players may be off the team in 2023.

#5 Zamir White: Las Vegas Raiders running back

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Zamir White has to be one of the biggest nothing-burgers of 2022. While White racked up 4.1 yards per gain when handed the football, he was seldomly used. He even sits behind Derek Carr, Jarrett Stidham, and Joshua Jacobs in total yards this season.

White could probably improve and be a key player, but coach Josh McDaniels has made it clear that you have to fit into his culture. Unfortunately for White, his lack of use seems to point to him not being in the inner circle. This could lead to them cutting him or unloading him on another team for someone else of value. 

#4 Almost any member of the Las Vegas Raiders’ defense

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Besides Max Crosby, Nate Hobbs, and Divine Deablo, Las Vegas is likely cleaning house this offseason on defense.  How could they not after repeating as a middle-of-the-pack team and just getting outplayed constantly? It should be interesting to see what this defense looks like in 2023 and what changes they decided to make. 

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#3 Hunter Renfrow: Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver

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Probably one of the most shocking names on the chopping block is Hunter Renfrow and it’s for the worst of reasons. It has to do with Josh Mcdaniel’s aforementioned idea of team culture, which could be the reason for many cuts. Renfrow would usually have a case to stay on the squad but served a very limited role in 2022.

Renfrow finished the year with 36 receptions in 50 targets for 330 yards and 9.2 yards a carry. That is one of the worst stat lines of his career and being out for eight games isn’t a great look either. 

However, Renfrow also had 148 yards after the catch and 18 first downs of his own, making him one of their best producers. Then again, he let three fumbles go and got injured often. That’s going to make it difficult to justify his place on the squad for much longer.

#2 Darren Waller: Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver

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Another victim of Josh Mcdaniel’s desired culture change is Darren Wallwer. This guy is capable of great catches in key situations, but the problem is staying healthy. He only played in nine games last season and accumulated a very limited stat line.  This and his not fitting in with the new culture could be his downfall.

Waller finished with 28 receptions on 43 targets for 388 yards and three touchdowns. Waller also earned 18 firsts down, and 80 yards after the catch. Again, why potentially get rid of someone just because they might not be a culture fit?  Waller is a good playmaker and has great hands. He shouldn’t be a victim of regime change.

#1 Josh McDaniels: Las Vegas Raiders head coach

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If none of his changes work, Josh McDaniels will be done in Las Vegas. Not only is that evident by the 6-12 record, but also by how many times he got outcoached. McDaniels obviously learned nothing from Bill Belichick and the Patriots, making him an imposter.

He is now 18-31 and very much in need of a miracle to keep his job. This means McDaniels will be throwing out every trick in the book to keep his job. If the Raiders start imploding again, however, it should be fun to watch McDaniels sweat it out and get fired for being a fraud.

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