2022’s Biggest Las Vegas Sports Stories (So Far)

This year’s been wild. Here are 2022’s biggest Las Vegas sports stories (so far).

#5 Derek Carr signs a contract extension with the Las Vegas Raiders 

Derek Carr,
Source. YouTube.

Derek Carr doesn’t get the respect he deserves from fans, but the Las Vegas Raiders know his value. The organization offered the franchise Quarterback a three-year, $121 million contract. The decision came after a few weeks of negotiating and lingering questions about the deal.

While some were excited that Las Vegas would keep their star player, sports analysts wasted little time saying he was overpaid.

#4 Pete Deboer fired as Las Vegas Golden Knights head coach

Pete Deboer,
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The Las Vegas Golden Knights had their worst season in organization history last year and failed to make the playoffs. This was due to injuries, lousy coaching, and getting outmatched by opponents. In one of the most significant falls from grace in NHL history, the Knights went from being the top team in the Pacific to struggling to stay above water come playoff time.

Unfortunately for Pete Deboer, this disastrous season eventually led to his ousting as head coach.

#3 Kurt Busch and Kyle Busch retirement rumors

Kyle Busch, Kurt Busch,
Source. YouTube

Why are retirement rumors so interesting? Maybe it’s the idea of predicting when your favorite athlete will decide to call it quits. Or maybe it’s just about being a part of history and seeing one of the best hang it up. Either way, that seems to be the direction we are heading in with Las Vegas natives Kyle and Kurt Busch.

Kyle Busch’s contract is expected to expire at the end of 2022, and JGR  still hasn’t reached a deal.. While he could always go find another ride for the 2023 season, many experts believe his attitude and asking price wouldn’t be a good match. This puts Busch in limbo and with very limited options outside Joe Gibbs Racing.

Joe Gibbs’s grandson, Ty Gibbs, is moving up and could replace Kyle Busch in the #18 by 2024  On the other hand,  Kurt Busch will be 44 when his contract expires with 23XI Racing in 2023. This means he might want to finally hang up his helmet after a 22-year career. 

#2 Las Vegas Aces player, Kelsey Plum, has the comeback of the century

Kelsey Plum,
Source. YouTube

A comeback story is always interesting, but Kelsey Plum has brought it to a new level. Keep in mind that Plum suffered an Achilles tendon tear in 2020 and wasn’t the same when she returned in 2021. Fast forward to 2022, however, and everything changed.

This year Plum has come off the bench to average 20 points, 2.9 rebounds, 5.5 assists, and one block per game. She is even a key member of Becky Hammon’s offense and won MVP Honors at the All-star game. Plum is the comeback story that keeps on giving, and she could ride the momentum to a championship.

#1 The Las Vegas Raiders trade for Davantae Adams during the offseason

Davantae Adams,
Source. YouTube

The Las Vegas Raiders needed some firepower for 2022, and who better to bring it than Davantae Adams? Not only is Adams one of the best wide receivers in the league, but his history with Derek Carr also creates a lot of chemistry. Carr was already a leading passer last year, leading to big possibilities now that Adams is on his team. 

Adams coming to Las Vegas is easily on of 2022’s biggest Las Vegas sports stories.  It was a huge power swing in the league. It makes Las Vegas legitimate playoff contenders and could produce record passing numbers. Adams and Carr might just be the combination that takes the NFL by storm and marches the Raiders deep into the playoffs.

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