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You Know You’re a Vegas Native If…

Las Vegas is a city made up of transplants and tourists.

However, if you look hard enough, you might spot that rare breed, the Las Vegas native. This is someone who grew up in Vegas and stuck around after everyone else they knew drifted to other states (shoutout to all Vegas transplants in California).

So, how can you tell if someone is a Vegas native? Here are some of the signs.

Locals, this one’s for you!

You Know You’re a Vegas Native When…

  • You remember the edge of town was Sahara and Ft. Apache.  Everything after that intersection was just dirt and dust.
  • You remember when “TI” was actually called “Treasure Island
  • You remember the original pirate show at Treasure Island
  • You saw Sigfried and Roy at the Mirage before the tiger went rogue.


  • You Know You’re a Vegas Native If…
  • You witnessed the demolition of the following casinos:
    • The Dunes (1993)
      The Landmark (1995)
      The Sands (1996)
      Hacienda (1996)
      The Aladdin (1998)
      El Rancho (2000)
      Desert Inn (2001)
      Castaways (2006)
      Bourbon Street (2006)
      Board Walk (2006)
      Stardust (2007)
      New Frontier (2007)
  • You remember the Bally’s “slinky”

You Know You’re a Vegas Native If…

  • Summers meant WET N’ WILD
  • You remember when Palo Verde High School was waaaaaaaaaayyy up on the far west side of town in Summerlin, but surrounded by dirt and undeveloped land.

Anyone who remembers these things is someone who’s lived in Las Vegas for a long teen. The teen/early 20s crowd includes a few Vegas locals too, but as I mentioned, most of them going are going to leave. You aren’t awarded true Vegas native status until 30.

Those are the rules, and I’m not changing them!

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