WNBA: 5 Players Who Could Replace Liz Cambage on the Las Vegas Aces

Would these five players be a good fit to replace Liz Cambage on the Las Vegas Aces?

#5 Can the Las Vegas Aces bet their future on Shakira Austin?

It s no secret that relying on a draft pick to fill a huge hole in your franchise can be costly, but a player like Shakira Austin could end up being worth it for The Las Vegas Aces. Not only is that evident by her 18.5 points and 8.5 rebounds per game in 2021, but also by her low turnover ratio. The only downside is her relatively low stat numbers in rebounding. She could still be just what Las Vegas needs, though. The team already has enough playmakers anyway!

#4 Would Mercedes Russell have potential with the Las Vegas Aces?

Mercedes Russel is an interesting pick for many reasons. One of the biggest ones however is her ascent from 1.5 points per game in her first WNBA season to 7.5 in 2019. Another interesting nugget is that she hasn t played in the WNBA in three years, but seems to have a massive ceiling if she could be developed. Why not take a chance and try to start developing her into a player that the Las Vegas Aces could use? She has already proven to be a decent rebounder, can shoot efficiently if needed, and averages under one turnover per game. She could be one of the hidden gems in this year s free-agent market and serve as a suitable replacement for Liz Cambage.

#3 Stefanie Dolson could be a key player for the Las Vegas Aces in 2022.

Stefanie Dolson might not look like much with only 7.5 points per game last season, but she has a lot of other stats working in favor. In fact, between a .404 three-point percentage,  and 3.5 rebounds per game, last season, she could be a great role player in the WNBA. She is also an ace at the free-throw line and started 15 games last year, making her a great substitute for someone needing rest. While she doesn t stack up to Liz Cambage by means of points, rebounds, or assists, she could easily split the role with another player and earn the same result. She might also be able to grow into the role and have success under Beck Hammon s Las Vegas Aces as time goes on. 

#2 Should the Las Vegas Aces go all in on Tina Charles

When you look at a  WNBA player like Tina Charles, the word reliability comes to mind. Maybe that has to do with her averaging over 18 points per game in her last three seasons or her above-average rebounding skills, but she would be a great addition to the Las Vegas Aces. She has also been working on her 3 point percentage, making it to an average of .322 per season just last year. Charles might even be able to replicate her early career numbers of ten or more rebounds per game, which could be just the kind of boost Las Vegas needs right now!

#1 Would the Las Vegas Aces and Sylvia Fowles be a match made in heaven

 If The Las Vegas Aces want an immediate replacement to Liz Cambage, they should look no further than Slyvia Fowles. She has been on an upwards trajectory in points per game for the last three years now and sat with 16 points per game last season. She even has an absolutely legendary rebounding average of 9.8 rebounds per game throughout her career in the WNBA, making her a dual threat. Finally, she has averaged 1.8 blocks per game, meaning she will be difficult to deal with in the post. It s all just a matter of whether the team wants to spend the money or not on a veteran. 

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