Wildest Las Vegas Hip Hop Clubs 2021

Sick of house music? Here are the most popular hip hop clubs in Vegas

1. Heart of Omnia

It might not be the most accessible place to get to but once you get inside the Heart of Omnia, the experience is worth it. It’s located inside Caesars Palace and hosts some of the wildest parties in Sin City. From famous DJs to dancing beautiful people, this club is lit. 

2. Tao Las Vegas

You can’t make a list of hip-hop clubs in Vegas without talking about Tao. The club has been operational for more than 13 years, and it never fails to pull in a large crowd of revelers. The vast space is home to a restaurant, club, and hip hop lounge. During the day, you can party at Tao Beach. 

ow, Tao is predominantly a hip hop club but you’ll occasionally hear a little EDM. There is a creative program for the club that includes various celebrities such as Snoop Dogg and Jermaine Dupri, to name a few.

3. Drai’s Las Vegas

Drai’s Las Vegas is a highly ranked hip hop club in Vegas found at The Cromwell, a new boutique hotel. There are multiple levels to its space, providing ample space for revellers to party and dance comfortably. Every aspect of the club is top-notch, starting with the ambience, layout, music and performance lineup. Several hip hop artists have performed at this outlet, contributing to its immense popularity. They include Tyga, Migos, 50 cent and others.

4. Ling Ling Club

This is a rare example of a club within another. The Ling Ling Club is within the famous Hakassan nightclub at the MGM Grand in Vegas. Wear comfortable shoes because of all the dancing to expect from this club, focusing more on mainstream hip hop playlists and less underground music. The club fills up quickly because the music, performances and DJs never disappoint.

5. Light Nightclub

Under Play management, the Light Nightclub is one of the best hip hop clubs in Vegas. It has performances from household names such as Ludacris and Rick Ross, among others. Everything about this club is of fantastic quality, from the light to sound and more. It also notably has one of the largest screen displays in the entire city. The dancers above from the Cirquedu Soleil offer a fantastic spectacle dancing to the hip hop music, improving the overall experience of the club.

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