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Where to Play Keno in Las Vegas

Keno is a simple game at heart and very easy to play, so next time you are in Vegas make sure to give it a try.
Where to Play Keno in Las Vegas

Keno is a fantastic little game of chance that not only gives you the choice of what numbers to bet on and how much you want to bet, but it is also a game that can offer some of the best odds and most generous payouts in the casino. 


Where to Play Keno in Las Vegas

Keno dates back to the Han Dynasty of Ancient China. There, a man named Cheung Leung invented Keno to fund an armed conflict he was involved in. The game became a huge hit and soon spread to surrounding towns and cities.

Eventually, Chinese migrants brought it to the States where it gained popularity over the years.


Where to Play Keno in Las Vegas

The rules to play Keno are extremely easy to learn and master. 

Choose the numbers you want to bet on. This is called choosing your spots. Generally, you can bet between 1 and 80 numbers, and the amount you can win will vary depending on the number of numbers that are played. 

Afterward, 20 numbers are chosen at random by the dealer (Bingo style) and the players are paid depending on the number of chosen spots, as well as the wager.

Collect your winnings.

Best Spots To Play Keno in Vegas

Where to Play Keno in Las Vegas

Keno is very popular in Vegas because it is super easy to play and the house is typically very generous.

Here are our favorite (read Highest Returns) Keno spots in Vegas.

Golden Nugget Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

South Point Hotel, Casino & Spa

El Cortez Hotel and Casino

The D 

The California Hotel & Casino

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