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What to Expect During CES 2022

The Consumer Electronics Show runs Jan 5 – 8 at the Las Vegas Convention Center

1. Virtual versus In-person

This year, the Consumer Electronics Show will take place both in-person and online. So, if you’re not in Las Vegas or you can’t snag tickets, you can still catch up virtually. 

The event, organized by the Consumer Technology Association, showcases extraordinary and cutting-edge technology from the world’s biggest companies. Attendance will be smaller than in previous years due to the pandemic, but you can still expect to see jaw-dropping exhibits. 

Here are a few things to look out for.

2. Food and Restaurants

Some of the exciting things to look out for include the integration of artificial intelligence into the food world. With this, foodies can enjoy an automated system that will improve order pickup as well as personalized statistics about their sleep, dietary patterns, and exercise. Figure out the EXACT diet that works for your body. 

3. Automotive Technology

A significant percentage of the people who attend the event do so to check out the upgrades in automotive technology. Close to two hundred automotive companies will be present, showcasing different technologies in their cars. Self-driving vehicles are the stars, and there will be some on display from Waymo, Hyundai, and others. 

4. Healthcare

Healthcare is another extensive field, and it is exciting to see what’s new. In the past, the internet of things and machine learning transformed healthcare, making it easy for patients to share data with health personnel. New equipment using modern technology is constantly coming up, so this year’s CES is creating a stir among techies. 

5. Space Technology

Another essential part of technology is space technology, which is bound to transform the future. One such example is the combined effort by Bosch and NASA to use state-of-the-art technology beyond the frontiers. CES 2022 enables any curious individuals to learn about this first-hand from the various exhibits available during the event.


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