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What to Do in Vegas When You re Stoned

Smoking cannabis was illegal in Las Vegas until recently. Right now, you can be high and still enjoy what Vegas has to offer beyond the smoky atmosphere. Although you can t smoke in the casinos (legally), here s what to do when high in Vegas.

1. Buy More Weed

If you are high, I know what you could be thinking. Can you get more weed? Since Nevada Cannabis law changed, cannabis dispensaries have been popping up all over the city. There s no better way of spending your afternoon than finding the best product. Although dispensaries are not allowed to open at the strip, there are several dealers a few yards away. Check out Planet 13, the most popular of all. Remember, you must be above 21 and carry a valid ID. 

2. Take a High Hike

Sometimes, all you need is a break from the bright lights and casinos. Visit the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, less than half an hour from the city. Since Red Rock is on federal land, avoid smoking weed around strangers. Other trails to hike when stoned include Valley of Fire State Park, Lake Mead Railway Trail, and Clark County Wetlands Park Nature Preserve.

3. Grab a Meal at Nacho Daddy

A few puffs of Mary Jane attracts hunger pangs. It s an occurrence even scientists are trying to understand. Make your way to Nacho Daddy. With only $15, unless you can have a full plate of Mexican food. 

4. Wander along The Strip

The Strip is the most famous street in Las Vegas. Bright lights, street entertainment, shopping malls, grand casinos, you will always find something interesting here. It s the best place to explore if you are a stoner.


5. Attend a Pool Party

Encore at Wynn Las Vegas holds the sickest pool parties. Honestly, other hotels and resorts offer the same, and the drinks that you get are never enough. The DJ s mix and the pretty women in bikinis will make the night memorable. Weed makes everything seem fun. 

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