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Vegas Food Trucks Locals Love

Food trucks are a notable force in Vegas’ hospitality industry. The city flaunts some pretty impressive trucks that attract not only locals but also vacationers. However, as a visitor, if you want to identify the best spots, it is imperative to observe the locals. Look out for what the locals prefer or rather the most crowded trucks. A keen observance will most likely land you on the following food trucks:

1. Fukuburger

Vegas Food Trucks Locals Love

Strategically located on 3429 S Jones Blvd, Fukuburger is among the most popular food trucks around. Like the name stipulates, this is the hub of tasty Asian-inspired hamburgers that you will undoubtedly enjoy. Their Nagadog burger is to die for; the snack is a typical hotlink graced with grilled kimchi, wasabi mayo, daikon relish, nori, and spicy kabayaki sauce. Even better, most other burger options are featured on their menu. 

2. Cousin s Maine Lobster

Vegas Food Trucks Locals Love

If you are a fan of seafood, Cousin’s Maine Lobster is the perfect truck for you. They have trucks scattered all over the city, proof of their popularity, and a great selection of fresh seafood from the Gulf of Maine. Try out the popular lobster roll with a touch of chilled mayonnaise or their Connecticut style roll. Other great options include the lobster tater tots, lobster quesadillas, New England-style roll, and lobster tail in the shell served withdrawn butter.

3. El Pollo Mobile

Vegas Food Trucks Locals Love

For lovers of Mexican cuisines, the El Pollo Mobile is the truck to look for. Located on 2425 N Rainbow, this joint offers an impressive menu of Mexican tastes. Their Mexican-style charbroiled chicken is arguably the best in the city. Other tastebuds-bursting goodies on their menu include the carne asada tacos, street tacos, and seasoned fire-grilled chicken, among many others. 

4. 50 Shades of Green

Vegas Food Trucks Locals Love

Located on 1750 S Rainbow, 50 Shades of Green is the local vegans hotspot. Their menu presents a wide range of vegetarian options alongside other impressive dishes. Even better, their services extend to events and corporate catering. Try out their Turkey Pesto Panini, white pizza, Burrata, or salads. 

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