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Top 5 Las Vegas Psychics You Can Visit Today

If you’re hungry to know information regarding your future, have a chat with the spirits, or connect to your past, there are many experts located in Las Vegas. Whether you prefer a private session or a phone consultation, everything is available for your convenience. Here are the top 5 Las Vegas psychics you can visit today.

1. Psychic Eye of Chase

Do you need insight into your own life? Chase s main goal is to help people to acknowledge their own personal strengths and weaknesses. He helps them discover the ability to make significant changes and important decisions in their lives.


Phone: (702) 528-9890

2. Spiritual Connections

We live in troubled times. Licensed spiritualists can help you balance your mind, body, and spirit in a variety of unique and highly effective ways. At Spiritual Connections, their mission is to help you relax and feel at peace.


Phone: (702) 488-9635

3. Mona Van Joseph

Mona Van Joseph is a famous psychic in Las Vegas commonly known as Mystic Mona. She is a licensed psychic who has been featured on the local Fox, NBC, and ABC affiliates. She’s also had cameos on several TV shows, including the popular reality program, Sister Wives. You can get a reading through Mystic Mona’s app or by visiting her in-person.


Phone: (702) 571-0461

4. Zen Rose Garden

They have a team of professionals providing the most effective method for each client. These methods include energy work, life-coaching, hypnotherapy, spirit guide connections, and more. The Zen Rose Garden also has an academy where students can learn how to become a psychic.


Phone: (916) 519-6752

5. Psychic Of Las Vegas

They provide consultations regarding love and relationships as well as Chakra balancing. In addition, their insight can guide you through everyday challenges. The future is veiled but Psychics of Las Vegas can help uncover it.


Phone: 702-827-2701

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