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Top 5 Cannabis Indica Strains in Vegas

Since cannabis was legalized in Las Vegas, people are flocking to the city, not to just party, gamble, and make memories, but also to smoke quality weed. Here, we’ve listed the top five cannabis indica strains you should consider smoking next time you’re in Vegas.

1. Sunset Cookies

Sunset Cookies is one of the most popular strains. It’s ideal for hanging out with friends after spending time at the casinos. This strain leaves you thrilled, accompanied by a full-body relaxation and being at ease. Sunset Cookies are also perfect for relieving pain and reducing stress after a losing streak at the casinos.

2. Casino Kush

When visiting Vegas, you should do as the locals do and sample a few strains that really reflect Sin City’s nature. So, if you are interested in smoking some local stuff, try Casino Kush. You will love its super-calming effects. Once your mind is clear, you’ll feel happy and hopefully, a little high.

3. Tangie

Tangie is a super strain that originated in Europe and quickly spread across the sea. Fill a bowl with Tangie, and the first thing you will notice is the teasing citrus smell. Like all top cannabis strains, Tangie is ideal when going out, having a fun time, and socializing. It will leave you with a happy and giggly feeling.

4. Lil Sebastian

With a THC range of 17 to 23%, Lil Sebastian is a strong cannabis indica strain that delivers feelings of happiness, creativity, blissfulness, and clear-headedness. Many users have reported that after consumption, they feel energetic. Others use it to balance their mind and body.

5. Star Killer

This is heavenly, lemon-flavored strain uplifts your mood while relieving you from pain, anxiety, and stress. Its THC content ranges from 15 to 20%. Smoke a little puff and you will fly right into outer space. Star Killer is a good option if you’re looking for an amazing high.

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