Top 5 Best Gay Clubs and Bars in Las Vegas

In addition to their slot machines and opulent hotels, Las Vegas is also known for its gay clubs and bars, which are scattered all throughout the city and attract hundreds of patrons every night. With flowing tasty drinks, welcoming atmospheres, and incredible music, they re all definitely worth a stop. Here are five of the best gay clubs and bars in Las Vegas.

1. Fun Hog Ranch, East of the Strip

Known for its rustic and homey atmosphere, Fun Hog Ranch has been a feature of Las Vegas gay bar scene for ages. Many flock here for a more laid-back and relaxed evening amid the club s comfortable booths and cozy decor. The club also offers frequent drink specials, as well as a daily happy hour that draws in tons of patrons, all of whom are vying to take advantage of beers at $2 a bottle, as well as 16-ounce draft beers.

Fun Hog Ranch also plays host to several beloved events; Gummy Bear Shots and a $7 domestic beer bust are offered every second Friday of the month with all proceeds donated to the Bears Las Vegas Charity Fund.

Perfect For: Those looking for a relaxed atmosphere with plenty of great drinks

2. Flex Cocktail Lounge, Westside

Launched more than 20 years ago, Flex Cocktail Lounge is a beloved Las Vegas spot, famous for their inexpensive drinks and non-stop entertainment. Within the lounge lies a game room and several loose slots, all of which add to the club s chill and easy-going atmosphere. Nights are filled with drag show performances, patrons showing off their singing chops at karaoke, and more.

A favorite among locals, Flex Cocktail Lounge has a friendly and welcoming vibe to it. Their dance floor is a must-try too!

Perfect For: Those looking to catch incredible performances

3. The Las Vegas Lounge, East Sahara

This casual and laid-back bar is the only trans bar in the state of Nevada, often hosting drag shows and speed-dating events that draw in hundreds from the community. Drag queens also give it their all on the club s main stage, putting on show-stopping performances and hilarious comedy sketches. Flowing mouthwatering cocktails have also cemented the Las Vegas Lounge s place as one of the best bars in Sin City.

Perfect For: Transgender people and those looking to watch a drag show

4. Bastille on 3rd, Downtown Las Vegas

If you re in the mood to explore the city s LGBTQ+ history, then head downtown to Bastille on 3rd, which many consider to be the first gay bar in Las Vegas. Formerly called Snick s Place, this hard-to-spot club feels like a dive bar with a bit of British pub thrown in. Partying at Bastille on 3rd is definitely a must, both for allies and those part of the community!

Perfect For: Those looking to party in the oldest gay club in Las Vegas

5. Piranha Nightclub, East of the Strip

This high-energy gay club is a Las Vegas favorite, featuring go-go boys, a lavish VIP area where many a celebrity can oftentimes be seen, skyboxes with a bird s eye view of the entire club, and over two-levels of non-stop dancing. Those who want to take a break from the writhing dance floor can take a breather in the club’s outdoor patio where fireplaces, plush seating, and a walk-through aquarium home to several piranhas, of course can be seen.

This luxurious and modern club is a Sin City favorite, well known among those who wish for a night out with tons of energy and excitement.

Perfect For: Those looking to dance the night away

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