Top 10 Vegas Tech Companies Dominating the World

Las Vegas is a very vibrant city featuring various economic activities. Even though the city is known for its high-end gambling scene and glamorous hotels and resorts, it has other active economic sectors.

Sin City is home to multiple tech companies which have managed to make a global print in the world.

Top Tech Companies in Las Vegas

1. Caesars Race and Sportsbook

The Caesars Race and Sportsbook at Caesars Casino is a top sports betting destination for sports enthusiasts in Las Vegas. Its main headquarters is in Las Vegas, Nevada, founded in 1934. You get to enjoy live coverage of the games from a 143′ HD LED screen and state-of-the-art sound with other sports fanatics in the city. .

Apart from featuring a brick-and-mortar location, the Caesars Race and Sportsbook has a dedicated mobile app. Bettors can keep up with their favorite sporting events from any location in Nevada while also earning Caesars Rewards, redeemable for various prizes and offers at the Caesars Hotel and Casino.

2. Pennymac Las Vegas

Pennymac is a fintech company that helps potential homeowners achieve their dreams of owning their dream homes. The company was founded in 2008 and currently has more than 6,800 employees in the country. Its headquartered in Agoura Hills, CA, with other main offices in five other locations. The company was founded by a team of executives who shared the same vision and mission of helping potential homeowners.

Pennymac offers various mortgage products based on the client’s needs and financial capability. One of the core values of the company is corporate sustainability. The company has fully intergraded the highest ethical standards and sound governance principles into every aspect of its business operations.

3. Order Las Vegas

Order is a fintech, eCommerce, and software company founded in 2016. The company’s headquarters is in New York, NY, but it has a second office in Las Vegas, Nevada, with 54 employees. The efficiency platform’s mission is to simplify businesses’ purchasing processes. Thanks to the platform, businesses can make seamless purchases across their vendors, track their purchases, make timely and simplified payments, and control spending.

Order has featured purchasing recommendations and tailored spending to help businesses save money and time while prioritizing growth areas. The company has attracted hundreds of customers, including top brands like WeWork, Lume, High-level Health, and SoulCycle, managing more than half a billion in annual spending.

4. Fortress Web3 Technologies

Fortress Web3 Technologies is a blockchain company that provides financial, technological, and regulatory infrastructures to the growing Web3 space. It also empowers crypto and NFT innovators. The company was founded in 2021 by Scott Purcell, the CEO. Currently, the company has two primary locations, Austin, Texas, and Las Vegas, Nevada, with 49 employees.

Unlocking the benefits of blockchain through the Web3 infrastructure is the company’s founding principle. The Web3 infrastructure is an upgrade from Web2, allowing their clients immense flexibility and efficiency in every step of their NFT, crypto, or blockchain journey. The main products offered by Fortress Web3 Technologies are:

  • Fortress wallet
  • Trust company
  • Minting engine
  • Developers

5. Aristocrat Technologies Incorporated

The Aristocrat Leisure Limited is an A.I. company listed on ASX20. It’s one of the most popular companies providing igaming solutions worldwide. Apart from Las Vegas, Nevada, the company has two other offices Nashville Tennessee, and Austin, Texas. Operating in more than 90 countries and 300 jurisdictions, the company has a team of more than 7,000 staff to deliver outstanding results. Aristocrat Technologies Incorporated offers a diverse collection of products and services ranging from electronic gaming machines, and social gaming, to casino management systems.

The company has been operating for over 65 years, transforming the Nevadan and global gambling and gaming scene. Apart from playing a pivotal role in the igaming industry, the company raised more than $1 million in charity for 2020.

6. Boxed Las Vegas

Boxed is an eCommerce-based company focusing on retailer services and eCommerce, enabling opportunities for buyers and sellers. The company’s mission is to help the world stock up using its technology. Currently, the company operates retail e-commerce services offering wholesale pantry consumables to household consumers and businesses. Like Amazon, Boxed has its functional eCommerce platform comprising a purpose-built storefront, analytics, fulfillment, robotics technologies, and advertising.

Boxed has further enabled the efficiency of its eCommerce platform through the newly developed Spresso (Software & Services business). Thanks to Spresso, customers can access the company’s enterprise-level e-commerce platform and end-to-end technology. Accessing the Boxed Vegas facility is super easy; it’s close to Nellis Air Force base, away from the craziness of the city. The staff at Boxed enjoy a hybrid working culture and plenty of benefits.

7. Slickdeals

Slickdeals was founded in 1999 and has two prominent locations in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Hollywood, California. The company has 200 employees, with more than 96 employees from Las Vegas. The company focuses on giving consumers the best deals for anything they would like to purchase. It has partnered with various companies, eCommerce retail stores, and businesses, offering a wide range of consumer products. The platform offers plenty of discounts, coupons, vouchers, and deals, which allow consumers to buy high-quality products at a much lower price.

The mechanism used by Slickdeals is very different than most eCommerce platforms offering listed discounts. The Slickdeals online community comprises more than 12 million shoppers, who help other online buyers by reviewing and voting the deals on the top retail stores. Due to its efficiency, the platform ranks among the country’s top ten most visited online shopping platforms.

8. Boundless Immigration

Boundless Immigration is a company that provides various professional services focused on consumer web and legal tech. It was founded in 2017 and has its headquarters in Seattle, Washington, DC. One hundred seventy employees are working for the company, and 23 are local Las Vegas employees. The unique concept of Boundless Immigration is that it focuses on immigrants.

The Series B technology company gives immigrants with the personalized support, necessary tools, and information they need when they are navigating the immigration journey. The company comprises a team of experts and immigrants who struggled through the complex immigration system in the country. From their experiences, they opted to develop a more professional solution to help future immigrants have a smooth immigration process.

9. BRINC Drones

BRINC Drones was founded in 2019 and has one office in Las Vegas, Nevada, and its headquarters in Seattle, Washington. The American technology used by the company focuses primarily on developing drones that keep people safe from dangerous environments or scenarios. BRINC Drones works with its customers to develop American-made drones that protect first responders and individuals in real-world danger. The invention of the company was greatly influenced and motivated by the 2017 Mandalay Bay mass shooting.

The company was founded by Blake Resnick, who is also the CEO. According to Blake Resnick, technology can be a very reliable solution when people are faced with real-life risk. Blake was just 17 years old when he approached the local Las Vegas law enforcement and finally secured a meeting. \

Blake spent more than three years having a one-on-one experience with first responders, identifying the various challenges they face in their daily activities. His experience with the first responders helped him develop the first drone (LEMUR S), the company’s first breakthrough system. The company has a comprehensive team of over 100 public safety specialists, engineers, builders, and technologists.

10. Paper

Paper is a tech company based in Las Vegas which focuses on upgrading the education system. The company’s mission is to change how students access support services. It has partnered with various schools, local communities, and learning institutions to provide K – 12 students with unlimited, 24/7, high-quality tutoring at zero cost.

The company was founded in 2014 and has attracted a diverse community of experts of more than 3,500 workers.


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