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Going for a Run on the Las Vegas Strip? Here Are a Few Tips

Running on the Strip can be a dream if you do it right. Here is what you need to know to make running on the Strip a great experience.

1. Soak in the Beautiful Views

When you run along The Strip, one thing that is sure to catch your attention is the gorgeous, scenic view along the way. The Vegas Strip is beautiful with unbeaten scenery from architecture, lights, and everything in between. Whether you prefer to run at the crack of dawn or the middle of the day, there’s always a lot to see. 

2. Choose the Right Time To Run

The best time to go for a run on The Strip is early morning for several reasons. One, the weather is more relaxed at this time. Vegas can get quite hot, and running during the day when the sun is bright may not be the wisest idea. Early morning is cooler and saves you the discomfort of running under the scorching sun. Another reason to run early in the morning is that there is less traffic from vehicles and pedestrians alike. This way, you can enjoy your run with fewer interruptions. 

3. Determine the Best Running Routes

It’s easier to run with a specific route in mind that covers the approximate distance you would like to cover. Some places are better than others, as there are fewer obstructions along the way. Areas like Tropicana Avenue around the Excalibur area have many pedestrian crossings, which means you have to slow down each time you get to one, so it may not be the best place to run.

Now, a great choice would be starting from around Caesars Palace and running to the Stratosphere tower and back, which is close to five miles total. The route offers scenic views and has fewer stopover points along the way.

If you don’t mind the stops along the way, then running right through the heart of The Strip is an excellent choice for unbeatable views. You can kick off your run from the Mandalay Bay and run to the Encore, which is slightly over 3 miles one way. It is a slower route but worth the experience along the way. A relaxed jog best suits this route because you’ll have to navigate through a lot of foot traffic. 

Running through the Strip is a fantastic choice and a unique experience in this beautiful city. If this does not work for you, not to worry, there are many other pleasant trails to run off the Strip and in various parks. 

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