Tips For Flying to Las Vegas

Are you flying to Las Vegas? Here’s what you need to know

Tips For Flying to Las Vegas

Traveling can be fun, once you reach your destination, and a little stressful on the way there. Flying in and out of Las Vegas is a unique experience from the moment you touch down. The Harry Reid International Airport is only minutes from the bustling Las Vegas Strip. Here are some tips for travelers who are flying in and out of Las Vegas.


Tips For Flying to Las Vegas

1. Transportation

The Harry Reid International Airport is very close to the Las Vegas Strip; you can literally see it as soon as you land. This definitely allows you to make the most of your vacation time, as you won’t spend hours commuting.

If you’re staying on The Strip, it’s best to catch an Uber or Lyft when going to or coming from the airport. Since it’s a short ride, it shouldn’t cost too much. Cabs are always an option too, but booking an Uber or Lyft right from your phone will save you time from waiting in a long line.

There are also shuttles that will drive guests from the airport to The Strip and vice versa. This is a fairly cheap option, only about $15 per person, but it can take longer to get to your hotel since the shuttle makes multiple stops. For more information, click here.


Tips For Flying to Las Vegas

2. Unique Things To Do At The Airport

If you have some time to kill while waiting for your flight, check out the unique attractions inside of the airport. While the airport is full of the typical things associated with Vegas, like gambling, liquor, and entertainment, it also shows another side of the city.

The aviation museum has exhibits scattered throughout the airport. The main portion of the museum can be found on the second level of Terminal 1, right above baggage claim. Learn about some of the lesser-known Las Vegas aviation history. 

Keep an eye out for airport artwork. Sculptures, paintings, murals, photography, work by local school children, and desert-themed pieces can be found all over the terminals. Look at this list for all of the installations and their locations. See how many pieces you can spot.


Tips For Flying to Las Vegas

3. What To Avoid

As soon as you land in Vegas, excitement can take over. You may want to get the party started immediately, but don’t get caught up in these things at the airport.  

There are tons of opportunities for gambling inside of the terminals. Slot machines are pretty much everywhere you look. Once you get to The Strip, or downtown, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to play the slots and table games. Don’t start blowing your money before you get there.

Liquor stores and bars can also be found on site. Save your money and wait until you’re out of the airport. These stores and bars don’t offer anything that you can’t find somewhere else. There are several CVS, Walgreens, and ABC Stores on Las Vegas Boulevard that sell bottles of alcohol for reasonable prices.

Even though it’s Las Vegas, try to be patient, think things through, and don’t get sucked into the idea that you have to spend a lot of money to have a good time.  


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