This Month in Las Vegas Sports History (September)

Las Vegas may not have much of a sports history yet, but there have been some highlights. Relieve some of the best moments with Vegas411

#4 Kyle Busch takes 1st place in playoffs 8 months-removed from injury

This Month in Las Vegas Sports History (September)

Kyle Busch is one of the most controversial figures in modern-day NASCAR history, but he is also one of their toughest champions. In fact, he proved that back in September 2016 when he finished second at Richmond Raceway and took over the points lead heading into the first race of the playoffs. Keep in mind this was only months after severely injuring his legs in a crash at Daytona International Speedway and being out for months, making him a bit of a comeback story.  Despite this second-place showing at Richmond and getting the points lead, Busch’s battle had just begun.

#3 Kurt Busch wins at New Hampshire en route to eventual championship victory

This Month in Las Vegas Sports History (September)

Before there was Kyle Busch, there was Kurt Busch. 

There’s something about old-school Kurt Busch that hits differently.  Maybe it was his Intimidator-like tactics or his attitude problems at times; there was just something about Busch that was unique.  He was one of those guys that could win when it counted, and he did that this month in 2004 when he won at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

He eventually lost the lead next week at Dover International Speedway with a 5th place finish only to regain the points lead the next week at the Talladega Super Speedway. He went on to become the Cup Series champion that year at Homestead Miami Speedway. 

Although Busch hasn’t won a championship since then, he has remained one of the most polarizing figures in NASCAR history. 

#2 Sugar Ray Leonard versus Thomas Hearns

This Month in Las Vegas Sports History (September)

Sugar Ray Leonard versus Thomas Hearns happened this month on September 16th, 1981.  The bout was intense, with Hearns getting the better of Leonard on several occasions. However, Leonard came back hard and ended up dropping Hearns two times in the same round. One of the blows a punch through the ropes, which had to hurt. Hearns would try to finish what he started, but the referee was forced to declare Leonard the winner after he trapped Hearns in a corner and unloaded on him. 

#1 Las Vegas Raiders win their first game in Sin City

This Month in Las Vegas Sports History (September)

The Las Vegas Raiders played their first game in Las Vegas on September 21, 2020, in a 34-24 victory against the New Orleans Saints. The victory marked their second of the season, which eventually resulted in the team going  6-2 in their first 8 starts. This included a surprise win against the Kansas City Chiefs and two divisional games. Of course, the Raiders would go on to implode shortly after that, finishing 7-9 at the end of the season, but they started out with so much promise!

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