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These Are the Most Expensive Hotels Rooms in Las Vegas

Immerse yourself in luxury at these Las Vegas hotels:

1. The Wynn

The Wynn is a prestigious resort with the finest amenities. Since 2005 it has been home to many guests offering stylish modern rooms. A popular room is the three-bedroom duplex with large windows for the most beautiful views of Las Vegas. It costs $5000 a night to book this room.

2. The Cosmopolitan

The Cosmopolitan is an upscale hotel that is stunningly decorated; it is large and airy with bespoke suites for its guests. The hotel’s design is authentic and incorporates themes from Italy. The gorgeous Bentel & Bentel Suites is where you want to be to enjoy the ultimate luxury accommodations. However, you will have to part with about $25,000 a night to stay here.

3. The Venetian

The Italian-inspired, Venetian offers an exquisite taste. It is the second-largest hotel globally, with a casino, restaurants, a shopping area at the Grand Canal Shoppes, and magnificent rooms. You can tour the property on a gondola and marvel at the beauty.  $25,000 a night will get you inside a lovely, spacious room with all the perks. 

4. Nobu Hotel

Nobu Hotel is part of a distinguished worldwide brand. Here you can stay at state-of-the-art villas, complete with spa services, vast menu options in true Japanese style, and more, for $35,000 a night.

5. Palms Casino Resort

The founder George Maloof outdid himself with this one. The Palms is a beautiful, newly reopened hotel with modern amenities, high-end dining options, ample rooms, and an opulent ambiance. The Empathy suite is the most expensive hotel room in the city at $100,000 a night. Also, the booking arrangement stipulates a minimum of two nights to secure this suite. It occupies 9000 square feet, and guests staying here enjoy perks like a private pool, a dedicated massage room, casino credit, a large bar, a water tank with sharks, and more.

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