The Official 2020 Gay Vegas Travel Guide

Planning to visit Las Vegas this year but don t quite know what sights to see and which spots to visit? Well, we ve got you covered! Sin City is known for its bustling LGBTQ+ community, which is why you ll definitely feel at home in its bright lights and incredible atmosphere. Whether you re looking for a fabulous night out or a chill drinking session, Las Vegas has it all.

1. Hotel Paris Las Vegas

Gay couples looking to spice up their relationship should book a stay at Paris Las Vegas, largely considered to be the most romantic hotel in Sin City. Rooms and suites are decorated with the French chic aesthetic and the hotel itself features incredible fine dining, a piano bar, and room service. In the summertime, they also play host to a ton of fun gay-themed parties, so they re definitely worth a visit. 

2. Hotel Planet Hollywood

Situated near The Fruit Loop  or, the best gay nightlife in Las Vegas  Planet Hollywood is where nearly everyone in the community comes to party. Staying here will put you right in the heart of the Las Vegas gay scene and the hotel itself has hosted several gay icons, including Jennifer Lopez and Gwen Stefani. Plus, their world-class amenities which include a spa, hot tubs, and their famous Miracle Mile shopping area are simply to die for!

3. Sauna Club Hawk s Gym

Looking to get a quick workout session done while in Las Vegas? Stop by Hawk s Gym, the only gay-owned and gay-operated sauna club in the city. An alluring hot spot for gay men, this sauna club is renowned for hosting a whole slew of incredible events, as well as their many amenities, which include a steam room and several private rooms that can be rented for $24. 

4. Gay Bar Charlie s Las Vegas

Just a few steps away from the Las Vegas Strip is Charlie s Las Vegas, a Western-themed gay bar that promises hours of endless fun and excitement. This watering hole has everything  from live DJs to mouthwatering cocktails, and from drag revues to line dancing. Favored for its laid-back and chill atmosphere, Charlie s Las Vegas is definitely a spot that you shouldn t miss out on. 

5. Gay Bar Freezone

If you re in the mood for a livelier and more energetic gay bar, then you can t go wrong with Freezone. Situated in the heart of Las Vegas, Freezone is right in the middle of all the action and plays host to a few of them too! Be prepared to watch exciting drag shows and down powerful yet delicious drinks at this famous spot. Open to both boys and girls, this gay bar should definitely be a must-see. 

6. Dance Club Piranha

If you re into the energetic gay nightlife scene, then Piranha would be your best bet. A spot popular among both tourists and locals alike, this club hosts a ton of lively and spirited events, most of which feature their hot bartenders, talented DJs, and in-house drag queens. A compact yet luxurious club, Piranha will definitely see you dancing the night away!

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