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Sin City Entertainers Become Small-Screen Sensations

These Las Vegas performers raised their profile on national TV competitions…

Who the Hell is Danny Gans?

Prior to his untimely death in 2009, Mirage entertainer Danny Gans was lampooned by the animated series THE FAMILY GUY. Huge on the Strip, Gans was virtually unknown anywhere else. Main character “Peter Griffin” spoofed Gans’ peculiar fame by shouting “Ooooh, Danny Gans is in town!” when spotting a Vegas billboard. Yet the moment he left the city limits, his first words were “Who the Hell is Danny Gans?”.

It’s true that plenty of SIn City performers have dedicated followers amongst locals and tourists, but aren’t exactly household names in middle America. A few of them are working hard to change that, sharing their skills on national television shows like America’s Got Talent. Here are some recent success stories…Sin City sensations that suddenly became famous from coast to coast.

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Adam D. Tucker

Towering muscleman Adam D. Tucker is unquestionably the city’s hottest Tim McGraw impersonator. He’s got the looks, vocals, and moves to command attention from audiences of any size. Celebrities like Taylor Swift, Jason Aldean, and Blake Shelton have opened their shows with Tucker as guest performer. When not on stage with his own band The Shotgun Riders, Tucker’s been in ensemble revues like “Country Superstars” and “Vegas Gone Country”.

This week, Adam and his band won their round on the new competition show “Clash of the Cover Bands“, in which he took on Keith Urban impersonator Adam Rutledge. Tucker’s performance brought judge Adam Lambert to his feet with applause. The program airs on E! Entertainment Network. Check out the clip:

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Tim McGraw & Keith Urban Cover Band FINAL Battle | Clash of the Cover Bands

Katie Murdock

Sometimes an impersonator can be more talented than the original star. That’s certainly the case with Katie Murdock, who channels lip-syncer Britney Spears while using an actual live microphone. The gorgeous and beloved singer is as hard-working as she is adorable, and Vegas locals can’t get enough of her effusive charms. Murdock resembles Spears so closely that a major media outlet once used her photo in place of the real superstar.

When not pouring drinks at popular PIRANHA Nightclub, Murdock does a drop-dead impersonation of the beleaguered pop star. I first met her at an opening party for “Blond Invasion” a Planet Hollywood tribute show that also featured Coty Alexander as “Madonna” and Christina Shaw as “Lady Gaga”. Prior to that, Murdock entertained thousands in the long-running Legends in Concert. And now she’s also on Clash of the Cover Bands with Vegas performer Adam Barabas (Extravaganza, Chippendales) as a backup dancer. Check out this clip, where she out-Britney’s the real thing:

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Katie Murdock as Britney Spears

Brett Loudermilk

You might think that sword swallowers could only do so much. You stick it in, you pull it out, then you go enjoy a cigarette. Well, if that’s your impression of these uniquely-gifted entertainers, then you haven’t seen Brett Loudermilk in action. This powerhouse of laughter mixes lightning-fast wit with a dry, sardonic demeanor to turn every phrase into something magical. And that’s before he even opens wide to say “Ahhhhhh”.

An instant sensation when he joined the cast of Spiegelworld‘s VEGAS NOCTURNE, Brett’s act was worked into its successor, OPIUM, which currently plays at The Cosmopolitan. Last summer he shocked, amused, and terrorized the judges in a successful run on America’s Got Talent. Broadening his act with such objects as a crossbow, rubber duck, an endoscopic camera, and a deck of cards, Loudermilk made it to the Semi-finals round of Season 15.

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Brett Loudermilk – America’s Got Talent 2020

Mike Hammer

Stupidly handsome comedian Mike Hammer might look like he’s in his early 40’s, but rumors have pegged his real age at closer to 97. The fact that he dabbles in the Magical Arts might explain his youthful appearance, although Hammer credits a healthy diet and regular workouts. We may never know the truth, but one thing is certain….the memorable entertainer is as funny as he is mystifying.

Mike Hammer Comedy Magic has been playing at Four Queens Casino on Fremont Street for over a decade. Each night is unique, and the audience becomes a part of every illusion. But regular ticket buyers are much easier to fool than the infamous Penn and Teller, whose “Fool Us” series challenges magicians to do their very best. Here’s Mike’s return appearance on the popular CW program:

Penn & Teller Fool Us / Mike Hammer

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