Secret Perks at Las Vegas Nightclubs

The Las Vegas nightlife scene is exciting and fun-filled. However, these insider secret perks can make your experience even better

1. Bathroom Attendants

Well, having bathroom attendants in a club is no secret. But, most people don’t know that the attendants do more than keep the bathrooms clean, tidy, and smelling fresh. These ladies and gents have a solution for nearly any quick fix you might need, from perfume, mints, feminine products, cigarettes, hair clips, colognes, and more. If you tip the attendant, you can easily benefit from these perks. We love that you can even buy comfortable shoes if your heels get overwhelming. They also offer services such as phone charging.

2. Gratuity Fees

Apart from the bottle service fee that clubs charge for table reservations, they also include the venue, tax, and tip fees. The fees are usually filled separately on your bill.  

However, some establishments do not fill out gratuity fees (tips) on the bill, and they allow customers to decide how much they are willing to pay as tips. Watch out for this so that you do not tip twice. Alternatively, ask in advance so that you are clear on the payments.

3. Free Rides to Gentlemen’s Club

If you are headed to a strip club from a casino on Las Vegas Boulevard, you can schedule a free limo ride to pick you up, so you pull up at the club in style. The service is free, and all you need to do is contact the club about an hour before to schedule your pick-up time. It is good to tip the driver since you save up some cash by having a free ride to the club.

4. Complimentary Bottles

It sounds unbelievable, but you can get free bottles in Las Vegas clubs. It’s easier for the ladies as several clubs issue complimentary bottles to ladies who visit the venue in a group. You can contact the club host or promoter to find out if the club has any complimentary bottles and if you are lucky, you might get some.

If you’re a guy, add some girls to your group and contact a promotor. You can find them on social media if you don’t have any contacts. 

5. Secondary Seating

Secondary seating refers to discounted table reservation prices that the club allows later into the night. There are no guarantees to this, and it depends on how busy the club is. You are more likely to score this on slower nights. Secondary seating is only available after the club has remained open for a while; thus, it is best to visit the venue a bit later if you are aiming for this.

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