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Scariest Haunted Houses in Las Vegas 2021

Las Vegas has many spooky attractions to make the Halloween season memorable. Some of the best include:

1. Witches and Warlocks Magic Show

What better way to celebrate Halloween than with a spine-chilling, magical show? The Witches and Warlocks Magic show is not your everyday show as you will witness witches and warlocks life through magic. Renowned magicians will perform up-close magic while interacting with the guests. The show takes place in an intimate theatre.  It is not the best show for younger children; however, everyone can attend. If you want to spice things up, feel free to wear a costume and enjoy the performance in style. 

2. Museum of Monsters

If you have watched a Night at the Museum, you have an idea of how spooky it can get in a haunted museum. However, Museum of Monsters is a slightly different experience that is interactive but scary with that haunted feel. It allows you to spam your social media feed with scary and haunted images and have fun with friends while at it for only $20. 

3. Franklin Bros. Horror Shows

Children under 12 have to sit out on this show filled with terror and horrific experiences. The Franklin Bros. Horrorshow features scary haunted houses, theatrical illusions that will instill fear in the bravest people, spectacular live performances, a fortune teller, and more all in one place. The admission fee is $50, which includes entry to three haunted houses. 

4. Nightmare at The Museum

Out in Boulder city is another horrific haunted house experience- Nightmare at The Museum.  It is open to all, but it is pretty scary, and guests should come ready to scream in terror. Each visitor receives a flashlight at the entrance after the lights go out. It is up to them to discover what lies in the dark in this one-of-a-kind tour. You never know which monsters will come to life in the night or when you will stumble upon chainsaws and life-size creepy dolls. 

5. Vegas Fright Nights

Vegas Fright Nights is another diverse experience filled with fun and terror at the same time. Only individuals who are 12 and older have access to this show at Opportunity Village. The experience features a scary clown invasion, Nightmare Manor that takes you through a haunted house filled with evil and spirits, and lastly, the blood barn that has death and doom looming in the air. It is one of the most affordable shows, with tickets starting at $25 online. 

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