Prepare to Be Scared at These Las Vegas Ghost Tours

There’s more to Vegas than the party scene. Add some fright to your visit by exploring ghost tours. Here are some of the top choices for a spooky experience:

1. Shadows of Sin City Ghost Tour

Get ready to go on a spooky adventure with this extraordinary ghost tour. It is an adults-only tour, so you can have a completely uncensored experience. Tickets start at around $35 for one and a half hours of scary stories on the ghostly walking tour commencing at 9 pm. It is pet-friendly, so you can bring your Fido along. 

2. The Ghosts of Las Vegas Tour

This is a family-friendly tour, so you can enjoy the tour with the whole family. The tour starts at 8 pm, and the best part is if you cannot make it for the tour at the planned time, you can reschedule for free. Tickets range from between $10-$25 depending on age, with young ones below five years getting free admission. Pets are allowed on tour. Apart from visiting scary, haunted spots in the city, there is a lot of history to learn in the process. 

3. Las Vegas Strip – Haunted Ghost Tour Experience

There is a lot about Las Vegas that many people don’t know. By taking this ghostly tour, you have an opportunity to learn about spooky secret stories of Sin City that no one talks about. Some of them include vengeance escapades of aspiring actors who did not make it in the industry, fatal accidents in the city, and more. Some perks of this particular tour include flexible mobile ticketing and instant confirmation of your details.

4. Area 51 Tour from Las Vegas

This ten-hour tour provides an opportunity to explore sites such as the mysterious “Janet Airlines” at McCarran International Airport, the alien-like petroglyphs found in nearby Native American reservations, and the creepy perimeter of the military facility at Area 51. Any fan of UFOs would have a blast at this tour. 

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