5 Las Vegas Raiders Who Could Make a Splash in Fantasy Football This Year

These five Las Vegas Raiders will be some of the best fantasy football picks that the NFL has to offer. Will you take a chance on them?

1. Daniel Carlson is the kicker you need in your life


If you need a kicker for the 2022 NFL fantasy football season, look no further than Las Vegas Raiders kicker Daniel Carlson. Carlson nailed 90 out of his 93 field goal attempts in 2021, making him a safe bet for some extra points. Carlson even hit six out of his seven field goals from 50 yards out. The man can score from virtually anywhere, which will help you pile up points in your fantasy football league.

2. Joshua Jacobs has to lot to prove


While Las Vegas Raiders running back Joshua Jacobs might not seem like much of a fantasy football prospect, one must remember everything he has to prove in 2022. Jacobs already got turned down for a third-year option on his rookie contract, and the team drafting two running backs doesn t look well for his  NFL future either. Fortunately for fantasy football fans, that means he is likely to utilize all his talents and rack up the score to keep his job.

3. The defense might rock the NFL to its core


It s no secret that the Las Vegas Raiders had one of the worst defenses in the league last year, but that doesn t mean they should be written off. There are just too many changes coming to this team not to at least have them as a backup.  Between selecting defensive weapons like Matthew Butler in the draft and other heavy hitters coming off the injury reserved list, the Raiders’ defense could be unstoppable. There will also be several players competing for a contract next season, which will only raise the stakes for both sides. 


4. Kenyan Drake could be unstoppable


Do not sleep on Kenyan Drake in fantasy football this season. His 2021 numbers are nothing to write home about, but the sky is the limit for next season. Think about it! The Las Vegas Raiders are trying to find a solution to the running back issue, which could mean Drake gets some more snaps. More snaps mean more chances to rack up yards and that is what this man does best. He is also tried at the wide receiver position at times and would work great in a flex position.

5. Derek Carr and Davantae Adams are the new NFL dream team


Let s be honest here. This is the dream team that the Las Vegas Raiders have been waiting for and it will finally play out in 2022. Keep in mind that Derek Carr remained one of the passing leaders in the NFL, and could easily improve those numbers with Davantae Adams. As for Adams, he now has a quarterback with the ability to go deep, which should be interesting to watch. You absolutely need to try to draft one of these guys to your fantasy team.

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