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Let’s Grab Lunch in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has amazing lunch spots. Here are a few of the top venues

1. Kassi Beach House

Let’s Grab Lunch in Las Vegas

Kassi Beach House is an excellent choice because of the versatility it offers. It has a running brunch menu daily with great options. From breakfast pancakes to pizza, pasta, toast, and more, you can enjoy a delightful lunch at affordable prices. This spot is located inside the Virgin Hotels, and you can be sure that you get quality for what you pay for. 

2. Eataly

Let’s Grab Lunch in Las Vegas

Park MGM Las Vegas is home to Eataly, an amazing spot to enjoy lunch. It is mostly a grocery store in other locations and towns, but this particular one is a food court with ample food choices to enjoy. There are several restaurants, counters, and bars offering different culinary experiences. For instance, La Pizza and La Pasta is one of the restaurants where you can watch pasta chefs and pizza makers at work preparing the meals right before your eyes. After your meal, you can grab dessert from one of the counters serving ice cream, pastries, and more.

3. Lamaii

Let’s Grab Lunch in Las Vegas

Lamaii restaurant opens at 11:15 am, right in time for lunch. They specialize in Thai cuisine, and you can enjoy a filling meal with all your Thai favorites. Their pork dishes are delicious, and you can order the pork salad or fried pork with an accompaniment of choice. Other menu options include Thai rice and noodles, curries, Thai oysters, and more. It is located at Shan Tau Square along Spring Mountain road.

4. Good Pie

Let’s Grab Lunch in Las Vegas

If you prefer to grab a quick bite on the go, you can visit Good Pie in the Arts District. The pies are best-sellers prepared in different styles; whether you prefer a Brooklyn-style pie or Detroit pie, you will find it here. There are other snacks and small meals on the menu such as salads and meatballs if you prefer something different. Head over to this location for an affordable and filling lunch on the go as you continue to explore the area. 

5. Tacos El Gordo

Let’s Grab Lunch in Las Vegas

As the name suggests, you can enjoy delicious tacos from this restaurant with two locations in the city. The Tacos El Gordo on the Strip tends to be busy, but the wait is worth it. Some top picks include the Buche, which comprises pork belly on a corn tortilla with toppings, or you can also try the Suadero, which is tacos made from brisket on a corn tortilla with toppings. Enjoy your meal with a soda or a Mexican fountain drink. 

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