Last Week in Las Vegas Sports (Sep 13 – 19)

The Las Vegas Raiders file a complaint after Monday Night’s thriller and so much more on last week in Las Vegas sports!

#4 Las Vegas Raiders ranked fourth rowdiest team in the NFL

According to, the Las Vegas Raiders fanbase is among the rowdiest in the NFL. While some might see this as an insult, it’s really a testament to how passionate these fans are during games. Passionate enough to paint their faces black and silver, then top it all off with a crazy spike helmet.  

Unsurprisingly, the Philadelphia Eagles had the rowdiest fan base, followed by the Buffalo Bills, then the Dallas Cowboys, and finally the Raiders. 

Other interesting rankings include Jon Gruden being ranked the second rowdiest coach in the league and Derek Carr being the 10th rowdiest quarterback. 

#4 Marcus Mariota placed on IR due to quadricep injury

Marcus Mariota sat out most of the preseason with a quad strain but finally got to see some action during Monday night’s game against the Baltimore Ravens. The former Oregon Duck was able to pull off a 31-yard run on the third down and got a chance to show off that signature speed in the process. Unfortunately for Mariota and his adamant supporters, he suffered a quad injury during the play and was unable to continue. What really made this sting was the fact that coach Gruden admitted Mariota was going to be a huge part of the offense this season.

Yeah, we lost a big part of our offense, Gruden said. Hopefully, it s not going to linger on. He missed the whole preseason with a quad strain. He strained it again last night. The severity of that injury kept him out of the game. it s too bad it was a 31-yard gain to really give us an element we haven t really had around here.

#3 Las Vegas Golden Knights scheduled for several nationally televised games in 2021

It’s no secret that the Las Vegas Golden Knights are a big deal after making it to the Stanley Cup Finals in their first season in the NHL. They even followed that up with back-to-back Semi-final runs a few years later. This means that the Golden Knights have gone from a small fish in a big pond to one of the biggest heavyweights in the entire league. With that being said, broadcasting networks have decided to air several VGK games on national television.

Here’s the schedule:

  • Tuesday. October 12 vs. Seattle 7 pm on ESPN
  • Wednesday. October 20 vs. St. Louis 7 pm on TNT
  • Tuesday, October 26 vs Colorado 5 pm on ESPN
  • Tuesday, November 9 vs Seattle 7 pm ESPN and Hulu plus
  • Friday, December 3  vs Arizona 630pm ESPN + and Hulu 
  • Wednesday, December 8  vs. Dallas 7 pm on TNT
  • Tuesday, February 1 vs Buffalo 7 pm ESPN+ and Hulu+
  • Thursday, March 3 vs Boston at 6 pm on ESPN
  • Thursday, March 17 vs Florida 730pm ESPN+ Hulu
  • Saturday, March 26  vs. Chicago 12pm on ABC
  • Wednesday, March 30 vs Seattle 7 pm on TNT

#1 Las Vegas Raiders file complaint about Hunter Renfrow being target by the Ravens

The Las Vegas Raiders fought tooth and nail to defeat Baltimore in overtime last week, but that doesn’t mean they were happy with the result. In fact, despite a walk-off touchdown that allowed the Raiders to notch a win in Week One, the organization filed a complaint with the league over Hunter Renfrow being targeted several times during the game.

One example of this was when Marlon Humphrey nailed Renfrow when he thought Derek Carr was out of pocket.  While Humphrey did apologize after the play, no penalty was called for the hit. It’s nice that the players choose not to escalate the situation, but Renfrow should have been protected better. 

Whether the NFL hears these complaints or not remains to be seen. 

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