7 Different Things to Do After Midnight in Vegas

The city lights never go down! Day or night, Sin City will always keep you entertained. You may not have thought of doing these things but why not gamble a bit? You’re in Las Vegas afterall. So grab your group, go out, and enjoy the midnight life!

1. Flamingo Hotel Wildlife Habitat

This exhibit is one of the most exciting ones you will find in Vegas. It is available all night and it’s free to enter. There are a lot of trails you can walk through and see the Koi fish and flamingos. The atmosphere is so calm and soothing that you can’t resist loving these moments. There have been rumors that the ghost of Bugsy Siegel walks the Flamingo’s grounds late at night so we advise you to keep your head up. There is a statue dedicated to this legenadary gangster that you can find while walking the trails. 

2. Bellagio Conservatory

Another 24-hour exhibit that you can enjoy for free. This could quite literally be how the Garden of Eden would look if it were in Las Vegas. They change out the displays every season so no matter when you decide to visit Las Vegas, you’ll be sure to see something different. It features the world’s largest glass sculpture, mounted from the ceiling and multi colored, it’s sure to dazzle.  The Conservatory, in our opinion, is a must visit when you’re in Vegas.

3. Hotel Hopping

Twenty-five of the world’s largest hotels can be found on the Las Vegas Strip. These hotels feature extraordinary architecture that will blow you away. If you have leisure time, these are a few of the hotels we would recommend visiting: Mandalay Bay, Flamingo, Westgate (formerly known as the Las Vegas Hilton), Treasure Island, MGM Grand, Venetian/Palazzo, and Wynn Las Vegas/Encore.

4. Pools

You must be wondering why pools? Well, Las Vegas hotel pools are not your garden variety community center pools. They are awe-inspiring. Mandalay Bay for instance doesn’t have a pool, it has it’s own beach! Visiting the different pools around the Strip is worth it even if you don’t want to get your toes wet, it’s a great chance to see the staggering architecture alone. Going around 2 am is even more enticing. Often you can just lounge around and have a relaxed conversation while taking in the beauty.

5. Shopping

If you need a book or souvenir at 2 am, NO WORRIES! There are 24 hour gift shops all over the Las Vegas Strip. Expect to pay a premium, but if you can’t bear to leave without your Las Vegas deck of cards, CSI Las Vegas t-shirt, or Elvis mug, then we’ve got you covered.

6. Haunted Houses

There are a myriad of haunted attractions located up and down The Strip during the Halloween season. The money invested into scaring people out of their wits is HUGE! Murderous criminals, ghosts, poltergeists, demons and so much more. All are created here in a terrifying Hollywood style. Not for the faint of heart!

7. Late Night Eats

Scoring something decent to eat late at night can be a problem in other cities, not in Las Vegas! There are so many choices around the Strip that cater to the after-midnight crowd. A couple of our favorites are Carnegie Deli at the Mirage and Studio Cafe at MGM Grand, they serve a great late-night breakfast.

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