Las Vegas Nightclub Dress Code for Women

Las Vegas Nightclub Dress Code for Women
Las Vegas nightclubs have strict rules for women

What to Wear

Las Vegas Nightclub Dress Code for Women

The simplest word to describe appropriate clubwear is fancy. Play around with colors and prints in a unique outfit. You can never go wrong with lots of sex appeal, so do not shy away from showing skin.

Mini and bandage dresses are easy picks that always look nice. Fitting jeans with a sexy top, a slim-fitting bodysuit with a miniskirt, or a sleeveless jumpsuit will make you look classy and ready to have some fun at the club.

A pair of high heels transforms any look from basic to gorgeous.

Do not shy away from accessories, which add glamour without trying too much. It could be jewelry, cute scarves, a clutch, and more.

Whether to wear flat shoes to a club is debatable. It depends on which club you visit, but it’s better to wear heels to be on the safer side. They make you look stunning, and you are also sure management will not deny you entry to the club if the rest of your outfit is okay.

What Not to Wear

There are pieces of clothing that you can never wear to a Las Vegas Nightclub. These include anything sporty or athletic. Wearing leggings, sweatpants, hoodies, etc, is a terrible idea as security will never let you in.

Super loose-fitting outfits are also forbidden, so you cannot wear rugged or baggy jeans orhuge tops.

Women are also not allowed to wear sandals or sporty shoes. You can get away with sexy boots but no work boots for sure. Tank tops and plain shorts are not allowed. Lastly, you are not allowed to wear a hat in the club.

When you evaluate what you should wear versus what you should not wear, the rule is simple;

  • Avoid overly casual outfits.

  • Dress like a sexy, confident woman ready to impress.

If you’re still unsure, check a particular club’s website to see the do’s and don’ts. Happy partying!

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