Las Vegas Honeymoon Guide 2021

Are you looking for a honeymoon destination? Las Vegas will not disappoint. From the sparkling casinos to sensational shows, gourmet restaurants, and numerous activities to enjoy, Vegas offers romance and out-of-this-world excitement. However, here are some things to know before you book a Las Vegas Honeymoon:

1. When To Visit

Spring and autumn are the two best seasons to go on a honeymoon in Vegas. The temperature is manageable, unlike in summer when it gets too hot and uncomfortable to be outdoors for long periods. Tourism is also slightly lower compared to summer, a benefit of traveling during the off-season.

2. Accommodation

The honeymoon period is an exceptional experience for newlyweds, and it should be memorable. There are several grand hotels in the city ideal for creating  these lasting memories, and they include:

       The Aria

It is a beautiful space with unique art pieces and tasteful decor suitable for amazing honeymoon pictures. There are different restaurants to try, and the rooms are exceptional.

       Wynn Las Vegas

There is more to this establishment than accommodation, and you can enjoy some daytime activities such as golf. The rooms are state-of-the-art; you can explore a variety of restaurants for memorable date nights and more.

       The Cosmopolitan

This is a perfect choice for couples who want to spend more time outside their room as there are many activities to explore here. You can spend time in the casino, swimming, shopping, or trying out different food options in one of the restaurants.

When choosing a hotel,  check to see if they have a honeymoon package that improves your experience.

3. Activities

If you are new to Vegas, there are many activities you can indulge in during the day or night with your special person. They include:

       Visit the Grand Canyon

If you like excursions, you can take a day trip to the Grand Canyon, which is a great spectacle. Not to worry, if walking is not your cup of tea, you can take a helicopter ride and enjoy the Grand Canyon in all its glory from above.

       Romantic Dinner at the Top of the World

For nighttime activities, you can consider having dinner at Top of the World at the Stratosphere, which offers excellent views of the city from the rotating restaurant. Nothing beats good ambiance, great food, spectacular views, and exciting conversations all in one.

       Visit the Vegas Eiffel Tower

You can also head over to the Eiffel Tower Las Vegas, the ultimate romantic experience and a unique opportunity to kiss under the stars in beautiful surroundings. Be sure to take a lot of pictures for memories.

4. Eat Here

Vegas has fantastic eateries, whether you prefer a luxe fine dining experience or indulge in fast food choices in smaller cafes. Do not leave the city before exploring excellent restaurants such as:

       Mizumi at the Wynn

It has a wide selection of Japanese dishes, great ambiance and overlooks a massive 90-foot waterfall for a romantic evening. The private floating pagoda table offers a discrete yet romantic opportunity to dine in style and create great memories for honeymooners.

       Bazaar Meat by Jose Andres

This fantastic restaurant will cater to all your meat cravings with prime steak cuts prepared just how you like them. There are suitable accompaniments, condiments, and sauces that complement the meat for an unforgettable dining experience.

       Hell’s Kitchen by Chef Gordon Ramsay

Get a chance to explore this iconic kitchen and experience Chef Gordon Ramsay’s fantastic menu with your loved one. Everything about the restaurant at Caesar’s Palace is bespoke, with the best part being delicious meals. Visit the restaurant for lunch or dinner, enjoy one of the many desserts available, and if you wish to stay on for a drink, there are many cocktails, beers, and wine choices to choose from.

       Ferraro’s for Italian.

There is something about Italian food that makes it feel fancy and ideal for special occasions. Few occasions compare to a honeymoon, so try Ferraro’s for delicious pasta, pizza, and seafood, which are some of the best sellers.

There are also many food trucks and hidden gems along the streets to grab a quick bite as you explore the city.


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