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Huge Party Cocktails in Las Vegas

One cocktail is never enough. Here are some of the best locations to grab unique giant cocktails to share with friends:

1. Majordomo Meat and Fish

Huge Party Cocktails in Las Vegas

Majordomo Meat and Fish is a sophisticated restaurant inside the Venetian with delicious fish entrees. If that’s not enough motivation to check out this restaurant, you should try out their special shared cocktail. The Smoked Old Fashioned cocktail serves four, but if you are up to the challenge, you might as well order it for yourself and sip the evening away. You also enjoy the making of the cocktail as it is prepared at the tableside.

2. Juniper Cocktail Lounge

Huge Party Cocktails in Las Vegas

Juniper Cocktail Lounge is an excellent location at the Park MGM, with a relaxing ambiance for drinks and pregaming. The menu has the option for a group service cocktail which is enough for four to six portions. 

Bring your friends along and enjoy the Tiki Time or A Sure Thing options. The latter combines prosecco, maraschino liqueur, vodka, lime, and grapefruit. The former is a simple but delicious mix of rum, orgeat, pineapple, and a hint of mint.

3. Downtown Cocktail Room

Huge Party Cocktails in Las Vegas

You can also enjoy thirst-quenching cocktails off the Strip, at Downtown Cocktail Room. Depending on your preference, they have cocktails to share in portions of four to six or eight to twelve. Even better, order the mega portion is that you can sip on together with your friends instead of having individual drinks. The cocktail menu changes from time to time, but you are bound to find something delicious no matter the day’s offering.

4. Lavo Italian Restaurant

Huge Party Cocktails in Las Vegas

Lavo Italian Restaurant is the place to go for special occasions or when you want to go all out on a drinking spree. Imagine a six-liter bottle of fine 2013 California Cabernet to share with friends? You get this and a variety of oversized cocktails. The restaurant is at the Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian, a luxe location to indulge in comfort and sophistication. The giant wine bottle dubbed the Methuselah goes for a mind-blowing $2000. 

5. Mama Rabbit Mezcal and Tequila Bar

Huge Party Cocktails in Las Vegas

Head over to the Park MGM and explore this delightful bar with exciting offerings. As the name suggests, tequila and mezcals are the main ingredients of their cocktails. A popular cocktail is the Valley Mule, made from tequila mule infused with mint and ginger. Mama Rabbit attracts a great crowd and has competitive prices.

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