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How to Play Las Vegas Slot Machines

There is no cheat sheet to using Vegas slot machines, neither is there a definite way to increase the game’s odds. However, there are a few tips that can give you an edge

1. Computerized Outcomes

How to Play Las Vegas Slot Machines

When you play Vegas slot machines, keep in mind the outcome is purely based on an internal computerized system and not your gambling skills. The computerized system uses a random number generator to produce the outcome. This means that a favorable outcome would mostly be a product of sheer luck as opposed to skill. All the odds are in favor of the machine. So if you aren’t winning, don’t fret.

2. Resilience Doesn’t Pay

How to Play Las Vegas Slot Machines

These machines do not offer any advantage based on how many times you play. Each trial counts as an independent event and has no connection to the previous play, and will not affect the next. The odds remain the same with each spin, no matter the number of attempts made. Consider each new play as a separate event, and do not strategize based on what was played before or anticipate your next play.

3. Different Payouts

How to Play Las Vegas Slot Machines

For beginners, it is crucial to understand that different slot machines have different rates of payouts. Some machines have a higher than average payout (loose slots), while most payout lesser rewards with each win. You are likely to win smaller prizes repeatedly than winning any top prize. Big wins are rare but possible.

4. Play Smart

How to Play Las Vegas Slot Machines

No one will tell you this, but you should keep off three-coin machines unless they are progressive. Unlike in the movies, play only one machine at a given time to avoid multiple losses and stand a higher chance of winning. It is always advisable to play on machines displaying double-up symbols and playing the maximum coins. You also want to avoid machines known to have increased house advantage, such as nickel slot machines. These are small tips that, combined, have shown positive outcomes in winning on Vegas slot machines. Some additional factors include using your Player’s Club Card and sticking to the two-coin, three-reel machine.

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