How to Get a Comp Table at a Las Vegas Nightclub

How to Get a Comp Table at a Las Vegas Nightclub
You rule the nightclub when you have a table. But how do you get a comp table? There are several ways:

1. For the Men

How to Get a Comp Table at a Las Vegas Nightclub

Bring Along a Group of Ladies

One of the easiest ways to secure a comp table is to be in the company of a group of ladies. The ratio should be four to five ladies for each guy in the group. The more ladies in your company, the more complimentary bottles you will get. If you are touring Las Vegas and don’t have many lady friends, hit the clubs more often, and you are likely to find ladies interested in a comp table too.

Be in Touch with a Club Host or Promoter

VIP Hosts give you extra leverage in your quest for a comp table. It is easy to find a club’s host on social media as they constantly post about the club’s events and parties. You can search for a club in Vegas and easily find the promoter or VIP host through tags. If you recommend groups of people who want table service to them, they are likely to return the favor and offer you a comps table.

Choose Less Busy Days

You stand a better chance to get a comps table on days when the demand is less. Weekends and holidays are the worst days to secure a comp table. However, if you request nicely or contact a promoter in advance, you might be able to score complimentary bottle service for you and your friends on other days of the week. 

2. For the Ladies

How to Get a Comp Table at a Las Vegas Nightclub

Visit in a Group

If you visit the club as a group of ladies and show up on time as the club opens, you have a higher chance of securing a comp table. You do not have to be a large group, as you can meet other girl groups and merge to form a larger group at the comps table. Keeping time is critical because as time progresses, other interested parties will beat you to it and secure all available comp tables for the night.


Any beautiful lady with good connections, an attractive social media feed, and a willingness to network with people in the industry can find a comp table in any significant club in Las Vegas. All you need to do is contact the VIP host for the night or a promoter and request a table. It helps if you will bring along your girlfriends.

Join Other Clients

It’s common for guys to request a group of ladies to join their table. This is one of the top ways ladies enjoy complimentary bottles at the club without doing much. Of course, the choice to join other clients is at your discretion, and if you accept, you can enjoy free drinks for the night. 

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