Here Are 5 Cool Bars in Las Vegas

These are notable bars with vibes and atmospheres you don t want to miss!

1. The Laundry Room

Here Are 5 Cool Bars in Las Vegas

The Laundry Room is not your everyday bar; it-s a retro-styled bar with several unique features that you will not experience in other venues. Make a reservation because only 22 guests are allowed inside at a time. There’s a light outside the bar, and when the light shines red, it means there’s space for more people. The bar is inside the Commonwealth bar on Fremont Street and has a special drink menu.

2. Velveteen Rabbit

Here Are 5 Cool Bars in Las Vegas

The Velveteen Rabbit bar is in the Arts District of Las Vegas, and everything about the establishment exudes retro charm. The cocktails, for example, bring you back to the Golden Age. The bar itself draws inspiration from the Velveteen Rabbit children’s book. Don’t worry- it doesn’t look childish. The bar offers competitive prices, and you get even better deals during magic hours, between 5 and 7 pm every day. If you visit as a group, you can try the delicious punch bowl that serves up to eight people at under $90.

3. Herbs and Rye

Here Are 5 Cool Bars in Las Vegas

If you would like a spectacular place to spend your evening or night off the Strip, then Herbs and Rye is an excellent choice. It’s a steakhouse, but the bar area has excellent ambiance, lighting, comfortable seats, and AMAZING cocktails. Come during happy hour (5 – 8 pm + 12 – 3 am) and enjoy 50%-off steak.  After all, nothing complements a great drink like a wonderful meal. 

4. Atomic Liquors

Here Are 5 Cool Bars in Las Vegas

The Atomic bar started as Virginia’s Cafe in 1945 and has grown over the years, competing with newer establishments and still ranking highly. It features a vintage d cor and still has many relics from when it was established, including the classic neon sign at the entrance. Many locals visit the bar for sour beers, but there are more drink varieties to enjoy. It opens at 4 pm and closes late at around 2 or 3 am but remains closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

5. Lucky Day Tequila & Mezcal

Here Are 5 Cool Bars in Las Vegas

Saving the best for last, Lucky Day Tequila & Mezcal is one bar that everyone should visit at least once when in Vegas. The Fremont Street bar is aesthetically appealing with a unique decor style featuring paintings from Bob Dob. The canopy lights above provide sufficient lighting and beautifully complements the space making it difficult to shift the gaze away from the dazzle above. There are many featured drinks in the bar, including tequila, cocktails, and mezcals. 

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